Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TUDM airshow

Last Saturday has seen about 100 000 people at the RMAF Subang Air Base stupefied by the acrobatic stunts of the US Thunderbirds and the TUDM Sukhoi.

Even the Superboy attended it. Err...the mom doesn't look like Superwoman, though :P

Although it drizzled halfway, most audience remain seated/standing and the traffic jam did not stop the people from Shah Alam to witness the air demonstration.

"O-payne!" (read: Airplane, as pronounced by Cikebum)

DrWan & family were there too.

Few snaps while waiting for the show to start...

Baically, the air show started at 11.30am by Sukhoi SU-30MKM for about 5 mins...

and later the F-16 Thunderbirds formed the awesome Solo, Diamond and Delta formation for 45mins.

Cikebum, despite his passion towards airplanes kept saying "akutt...akut..."
Apadaaa...takut le pulak!!!


  1. budak2 mmg cenggitu kaan? mula2 syok pastu bunyi pelik/ kuat skit..."akut"

  2. wah... so bergaya la ur hat... i like it a lot! :)

  3. laa patutlaa denga bising2 sabtu lepas kat rumah..ade airshow rupenye..

  4. hari tu, kitorang ada jemputan open house umah abang ipar kat kg melayu subang ...

    jem tahap gaban la masa tu ...

    hehehehe ...

  5. salzahari,
    iye iye je suka itu ini. sama le kalo time dia tgk VCD ultraman. kdg2 tu siap nangis2 lg. emo sungguh!

    ohhh...i bought the hat when i was in Brisbane. masa tu asyik kumpul hat je. but this one, i berkenan sgt when i saw someone wore it. so, i gi cari jugak2. sib baik dpt.heee...

    diorg x announce pun psl benda tu. i only gotta know it from my boss who lived behind our home.

    jem nye melarat2 smpi 2jam.giler betul org mesia nih. sanggup ngadap jem krn benda2 mcm tu kan?

  6. rajin bawak cikebum jalan2 ke show ni..kalau kitaorang takkan adernyer, bunyi bising kat area opis ni pun kitaorang takleh cope..ekekekeke

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  8. waaaaaaaaaah seru banget yaaaaaaa...

  9. hanz,
    hahaha. i live in the neighbourhood, so rasa ralat lak kalo x pegi.

    ok, will do so.TQ ;)

    rugi la kamu x ada.kalo x, pasti lebih seru deh.

  10. hmmm was supposed to go, but went for a movie instead (hehe after 8.5months tak g cinema) sebab dah plan earlier....


    rugi le pulak

  11. reitak, year kita gi sama2. jgn lupa bwk si kenit tu sekali.

  12. nasib baik saya xjadi pegi arituh, kalau tak merasa hangout ngn ex-lecturers ekeke~

    btw, apekah konsep hubby mu ittew berkopiah ke aviation event....

  13. wah, syoknya..
    apsal x war² kat blog.. klu x leh pegi gak.. oja mesti suka nie..huhuhu


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