Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, it has been some time since I last talk about random topics.
Today, let's talk about anti-social people or 'kera sumbang.'

When it comes to socializing, count me in. I am hardly seen speechless. Not to say that I am a popular sanguine, and am not the life of the party. But at least I can talk to strangers.

Prolly it's bcoz my job really needs me to become a talkative person. Okay, let's use better terms- chatty or friendly.

Recently, we got an invitation to a so-called friend's open house. And we (MrHubby & I) purposely didn't turn up. I know,
memenuhi undangan adalah wajib. But considering that if we attend it, it would only make the angel 'Atid on our left shoulder bz to scribble what we complain, forget it!

There has been three occasions if I'm not mistaken in which I brought MrHubby to meet this friend, whose husband is an engineer.

Everytime they meet, MrHubby would try to talk about something. Well, obviously they are both strangers to each other. But what's there to lose if u start the conversation with "The weather is good today, eh?" or something like that.
As for this guy, he'd just answer a 'yes' or 'no'. And that's it. No elaboration, no nothing.

Okay..that was the 1st and 2nd attempt. In another occassion, MrHubby was the one (again) who started the conversation...

MrHubby: Which hometown did U go back to last raya?
Him : Kelantan.
MrHubby : I heard the traffic was bad, eh? (ayat pancing conversation)
Him : No.

U's just a one-word answer that doesn't lead further.

So, I have some theories here....

Theory 1 : He is a shy person. U are right! Or prolly he's not shy only with Kelantanese!

Theory 2 : Pearls would come out of his mouth whenever he speaks, hence rugi nanti orang lain kutip!

Theory 3 : He is just a moron who never learn to socialize.

Okay, u are an engineer. So, what? Just bcoz MrHubby is not one, u put yourself so in an upper position and refuse to talk to him?

Hello!!! Whatever the post is, u wouldn't bring it into the grave anyway.
If I were the wife, I'd be very extremely remorsed and embarassed for having a partner who is very bad at PR.

What about u, guys? Even if u are left clueless to talk about something, u can just pick any topic, as long as it is not a sensitive one. U don't have to be controversial and go for risky topics like politics and religion.

Interesting topics of conversation come from everyday life and things that we all have in common. Whatever the topic is, it should make people relaxed and happy to talk. Think instead about what most people share: families, experiences, dreams, etc.

Come to think of that kera sumbang's wife (Mrs. X)...I think they are just a perfect match.
Know why?

She would pull a long face if my friends and I were to go for a ride in her expensive car. Well, usually we colleagues would take turns to go out for breakfast, etc in everybody's car.

One day, we were about to go out for lunch...
I didn't bring my car (MrHubby sent me to the office that day).
My friend, A's car was blocked by other cars.
Another friend, B's car was full of luggage, bcoz she was going back to hometown straight away after work.
Hence, the only option left is Mrs X's car.

Instead of inviting us to get into her car, she offered that B transferred those bulky luggage into hers. My goodness!

Now u tell me, should I feel comfortable befriending such a person?


  1. keta mahal senang pancit kot..
    hahaha..toksah layan org camtu..
    bek kita layan kariyoki! besh!!!

  2. takes quite sometime for some ppl to strike a nice hubby is a living proof...he was such a 'berat mulut' in our earlier stage of marriage & after 7 years of marriage & with 2 boys, he improves a lot! All he needs is a wife who loves to chat! His wife (referring to the berat mulut guy) needs wife that sociable if not talkative.

  3. hmm, kalau saya/husband kurang puas hati dengan menu rumah terbuka, esoknya, kitorang akan masak menu yang sama.. bagi puas hati.. :P

    ada orang jenis kurang cakap, ada orang jenis banyak cakap... ikutkan aje lah....

  4. lagi bukan psl mulut je, psl air muka.

    ada org sangat ramah (like me) tp muka ada sedikti serius, so 1st impression not approachable lah org ingat tp bila dah mula cakap,non stop! hahhaa

    match with my husband, dia pun learn to chat and socialize better bila dah ada anak....kalau tak, jgn harap dpt ajak dia gi mcm MSK gathering hari tu,silap2 jd kera sumbang.

  5. oyis,
    darjat dia tinggi. org marhaen kot. mana nak campur dgn kita.hoho

    yaaa...mari kita kariyoki. addicted weh.

    kalo bini talkative, tapi laki tu dah mmg dasar kera sumbang pun, xjadi gak. buat la mcm mana pun.

    but surely u have to suit well with the surrounding kan?

    hushhh...agak2 kalo muka i ni nmpk mcm sombong x? hehehe

  6. I am a stranger to you but FYI i've been following up on your updates. Anyway, I pun very tak boleh taheeennn those kind of species (orang) .


  7. hye isabelle.. im new here.. when i read ur post tu.. alamak hai malunya la i.. sbb i pon engineer jugak tp takde la sampai up to that extend.. huh! gila tak bersosial laki dia tu.. ermm.. u jgn tersalah anggap plak ek.. we all engineers sgt suka bergaul mesra without limit dgn sape pon.. sudi2 lah berkwn dgn saya.. pls...dont hesitate.. :)

  8. aku inget!! km udah pernah cerita ini ama aku.. qeh qeh qeh.. org ajaib! :P

  9. Cathy,
    am glad that u finally decided to surface. Welcome n dont be shy here. I love making new friends.

    goodd that u r not of that 'species'. show the world that not all engineers are like 'him'.kasi malu kaum jer.haha

    iya, diah. emang aneh bgt cowok itu. tapi istrinya juga ama menurutku. padan le sepasang macam tu.

    malas nak layan, tapi kdg2 like it or not, they are still around us

  10. siannya org jenis camtuh.. mesti diorg ada penyakit dalaman tuh..heheh


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