Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitchy eyelid

The corner of my right eyelids is sorta twitching/moving with uncontrolled spasm.
It started early this morning but hasn't stopped till now.

I heard it means that I'm about to meet a faraway friend.

Err..who could that be? Iye la tu...

However, the scientific explanation is...........

Why does it Happen?

Eyelid twitching occurs as the eyelid is forced to spasm involuntarily. The spasm involves the tiny muscles of the eyelid and these can become sensitive and susceptible to twitching because of tiredness, too much caffeine or as a response to stress.

Treatments for Eyelid Twitching

In most cases, the twitching can be relieved by simply allowing yourself more time to rest and unwind.

Switch to decaffeinated products or even better, exchange the tea or coffee for herbal teas or drinks that induce sleep and benefit in both ways.

Eyelid twitching is usually treated as a comical episode that many people suffer from and is not to be taken seriously.

However, if it does continue for longer periods consult a doctor or an optician and have your eyes checked out just in case.


  1. orang tua cakap..

    kalau mata belah kanan nak jumpe orang jauh.

    kalau mata belah kiri nak nangis.

    ntah betul ker tak.:P

  2. azzamoro,
    kalo i dpt jumpa org jauh nnt, i bgtau ye? leh kita verify teori tu

  3. org ckp.. kalo belah kanan xpe.. kalo belah kiri nak nangis.. tp i dulu selalu gak twitch belah kiri pastu asyik la nangessss jerkk.. erkkk... uwaaaa!!!!

  4. i baru tau that english term 'twitchy' ;) dpt belajar benda varu ;)

  5. yg i dengar lain skit.. kalau mata belah kanan maknanya akan ada benda gembira pendek kata kalau nangis pun nangis gembira..
    kalau mata kiri maknanya akan nangis sbb benda yg menyedihkan..
    tapi i malas nak caya.. i lebih suka positive thinking hehe..

  6. oits~ bukan ka sbb konon ada org rindu??? hehehe..mau aku cabut semua..hahaha..

  7. fizamior,
    hahaha.kena la staple eyelid kiri supaya x twitch dah kalo mcm tu. kihkihkih

    mama zharfan,
    yes. twitchy tu kira mcm involuntary spasm la.

    lady of leisure,
    kita mmg suka ngelat kan? kalo kena yg kiri, mesti xnak percaya. cuba kalo yg kanan, nak lak kita consider old beliefs kan?hahaha

    oii...cabut eyelash buleh la. xkan nak cabut eyelid!!! nak mampuih?


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