Friday, October 23, 2009

When I was a telemarketer...

Last week, MrHubby & I attended a briefing on a holiday package. When I first got the invitation/call, I had just finished running 5-6km for the Power Race... Well, u know la...the exhaustion and fatigue, it could switch off the mood to talk to anyone, esp. to a telemarketer.

Yet still I talked to the girl nicely. Not bcoz I was interested in the offer, but frankly bcoz I knew how does it feel.

I believe most of u have received this kinda calls too.
How did u respond to the telemarketer?
  • Did u hang up before he/she could say anything?
  • Or did u lie to them, asking them to call back but u reject the calls from the same number?

I was once a telemarketer, thus I have dealt with various types of people on the phone.
Some of those I knew their nice personality, would unexpectedly turn into a Hulk.
Oh..okay, prolly wrong time! But I cant take that. But how was the telemarketer supposed to know if u didn't tell them?

Some strangers could still talk nicely although the end of the conversation is a 'no.'
I respect their decisions with a thanks.

Looking back, sometimes I couldn't believe it that I once achieved the target of RM1200 per week. For an easy-peasy job like that which I didn't take seriously...that's considered as a handsome pay.

But my colleague (then), Wan Naza was the only one who could earn about RM1500 per week as he wished, without being a sweet talker! Giler terer!
And if he says he's not gonna do it bcoz he's just not in a good mood, he simply wouldn't.

Now, lemme share with u the various types of clients I had...

  • The ones who signed up after coming to see me to convince themselves (these people are not so confident to do the biz on the line)
  • The ones who signed up after coming to see me and charmed by my persona (yes, vomit out ur green puke now!)
  • There also one who asked me to be the second wife (wtf?)
  • There's also grateful clients who insisted to treat me (how nice!)

I remember having one customer whom I closed the sale, but she misunderstood what I meant. She demanded to see me when she came to the office and started making a fuss. What an idiot! C'mon, lady...I'm not that desperate to 'misrep' just to find clients okay?

In the end, Wan Naza saved me by giving her some stupid nonsense vouchers and he told me it's normal to face this kinda people.

To u guys,
no matter how miserable u are when u get the call(s) from telemarketers, try to act cool and don't sound like an illiterate!


  1. kalau ade telemarketer call i kan, kalau dia cakap untuk pelanggan visa/mastercard, i cakap i takde credit card.

    kalau yg lain i cakap i busy dlm meeting.

    kalau nak suruh beli pakej slimming, i cakap i pregnant.


  2. hehehe.. azzamoro, gud idea... i might use the same idea next time...

  3. ke? tapi kan..i pun x suka org tepon2 tmbh kalau time mak-tak koser- nak-jwb-mood!

    mcm azza jwb lah...
    1) kalau nak offer insurance, i kata dah ada/ x minat
    2) kalau nak offer new plan for CC/ loan, i cakap cukup yg ada
    3) kalau nak offer CC, i straight tolak..

  4. azzamoro,
    hahaha. good..good.

    lady of leisure,
    as long as we decline dgn cara yg elok, diorg tak patut marah.

    yg paling bengang, kalo yg jenis xfaham bahasa kan?dah ckp xnak, xnak la.

  5. hehe..
    baru je tadi ada dapat call..
    tengok keadaan,
    kalau tengah tak busy, layan dulu, lepas tuh cakap sorry...

    kalau tengah busy,
    cakap je tengah busy..

  6. i slalu dgr dulu. bila dia abis ckp, i'd say, 'no thanks' n cpt2 letk. bcoz klo lambat letak nnt sibuk nak tanya knp etc, malas nak ulas. i have my reasons la kan, x kan nak kena justify n write an essay plak hehe

    but my frens semua cop i'm very nice sgt when it comes to layan telemarketer, diorg siap rolled eyes kalo i angkat fon n senyap lama2. sbb i spent time n listen. kalo they all letak je :P

  7. sya,
    x susah pun kan? kalo dia paksa gak, baru le logik kita nak marah2.

    oyis, too. i believe i've always been nice to telemarketers.wpun in the end, i dah tau i akan jwb 'no'.

  8. So far takde pulak kena panggilan mcm tuh.. hurmmm...


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