Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inherited qualities

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I joined the Power Race yesterday (for the University’s Bulan Kualiti), that needed me to run around the campus, and complete the tasks at the checkpoints. Mine was just abseiling, not a big thing for a former cadet like me. Anyway, we got the consolation prize, not bad for the first timer!

Speaking of Kualiti/Quality, I believe everybody has their good and bad qualities, and most likely they are inherited from the father or the mother.

1. Impatience with new things (ketaq tak dan-dan)

By genetic transmission, I suppose I got it from Abah. Hahaha. (Wei, BettyoneKokokularigagahberaniis@r, dont u tell Abah!!!) :P

We siblings used to complain why Along was so in rush to remarry, as if there’s no tomorrow. Ina is also the same-she’d put on her newly bought clothes top to toe and stand for hours in front of the mirror, planning how to wear it the next day. Not to mention the ketaq-ness of those people in the links above la. Hahaha

Well, we kept saying “Where did she get this quality from?” (Mana la dia turun penyakit ketaq ni tak tau?) and I never realized it.

No…not until one day I was restless, can’t wait for the next day (was it my new shoes or what, I cant remember now)… and MrHubby smiled at me, saying “Now I know that U got it from Abah.”

Hah? How come?

And that was bcoz last month Abah was so eager waiting for the 42” LCD TV that we have promised him. Hehehe. So cute!

2. Hygiene

As for Mak’s side, I’d say…somehow I inherit the hygienic attitude. I might not be madly doing the laundry or washing every leaf of vege prior to cooking like she does. But somehow, I could rage furiously when the home is in mess.

One of the examples was during my confinement, that I was so mad when I went to the kitchen only to find that the floor was a bit greasy. Actually MrHubby has promised to do it earlier, but I happened to go to the kitchen during the delay hence the intense wrath (over sungguh!).

Lucky my friend Dian was there to soothe me before I lost my mind and ended up ‘gila meroyan’. U know la… ladies in confinement kan fragile. Heee…Nauzubillah..

Now that I have Cikebum, I could see that when at the dining table, he always says “Osh ennnn…” (read: Wash hands!)

That is sometimes when he is still undone with his meals. And he refuses to drink his milk when his mouth is still not wiped after having his oat breakfast, saying “Taknakcomot!”

I know-it’s a good quality. But when it is not yet time to osh ennn’…finish up your meal first la. Haihhh… Penat layan dia!!!

Now u tell me what qualities have U inherited from your parents? My siblings and I do talk about it when we gather and aside from the bonding experience, it’s fun bcoz we really know whom are we talking about :P


  1. hahhaa...i pun jenis ketaq takdan2. taktau turun sapa,tp arwah mak i kata sama mcm abg i yg sorang tu-nak apa tak dan2 ! Aliah ada sikit perangai tu skrg tp lps pujuk, dia leh sabaq sat tp kalau time ni mengantuk, jgn harap la nak sabaq!

    hat lain,x berapa ingat! Aliah walaupun muka byk ikut hubby tp perangai byk ikut i rasanya..hahaha. habissh laa!

  2. bila ikut mama nye, it could also mean a disaster ehh? hahaha.
    tmbh lg bila mama pun xlarat layan. raksasa lwn dgn raksasa, mati le otromen kat tengah2. hoho

  3. hahaha..sib bek acik+k.intan+aku ada blog..kalo x mesti hg boh cita xdan2 kami nooo..muahaha..

    xdan2 nak pi 'sorga donia'!!!

  4. haaaa memang ada saja feel yang kita inherit dari mak bapak, ada yang baik ada yang tak berapa nak elok hahaha.i pon jenis ketaq lutut gak, kalau shopping masuk2 keta dah tak sabaq nak bukak beg tengok barang yang dibeli haha. irfan harap2 ikut yang baik2 ja dari mak bapak dia yang buruk jadikan sempadan hehe

  5. uihhh mesti ade yg diperturunkan atau terikut perangai parent kita...

  6. bettyone,
    uihh..kalo hang, bukan ketaq p sorga donia ja. ada ketaq yg lain gak. hehe (kalo hampa xdak blog, siap la hampa).

    me too. hehe. mesti nak belek2 dan2 tu gak. kdg2 masuk keta je terus sarung kasut baru. kdg2 kat dlm kedai tu gak terus pakai (tp mrhubby yg suruh, mesti dia saja nak layan tengok my ketaq-ness.haha)

    maka kita kena le tunjuk baekkk jer dpn anak.hahaha. susah tu.

  7. oja pun klu lepas mkn mmg x dan² nak basuh tangan..
    jd mangsa la baba dia.. mama dia biasa la... lepas mkn dah xleh nak bergerak..hehehe

  8. hang jaga... :P
    gud entry,thumbs up!
    la ni iman ikut peel terketaq2.. sure turun dari acik hampa & abah mail.. hahahaha...

  9. x tau la kualiti apa yg lekat at me, byk kot... one thing yg notice lately kan, i being to sound like my mom when i bebel kat aisyah! scaryyyyy!!! and i had vowed masa kena marah di akla muda mudi dulu to be the cool, spunky momma bila ada anak sendiri, and not the nagging kind that my mom is ...! yikes!

  10. opps.. on "i being to sound"

    i meant

    i'm beginning to sound..."

  11. pna mama oja,
    huiii..pembersih xkena gaya. aku pun selalu pass kat ayah dia je.hehe

    TQ.yg tu iman ikut maklong dia kot. (sambil buat tgn terketaq2)kihkihkih

    me too. the more we dont like it, the more the challenge is. mrhubby kept reminding me not to turn into my mom. heee...

  12. i like to nag but didnt realise it sampailah ada org tolong sedarkan...haha!! teruk kan? i got it from my mum.. camane agaknye kalo damia nag ikut i nanti?? eh jgnlah... takmo..takmo.. hopefully my daughter tak nakal mcm i kecik2 dulu la.. amin!!! disaster betul..jenuh my parents nak handle i. :)

  13. fizamior,
    my hubby told me..the more we hate somebody, the more we are turning into him/her. hoho..ngeri kan?


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