Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Manly voice

Faezah: Hello, Is.
Isabelle: Aaa...
Faezah: Can u pls leave the office keys for me tomorrow?
Isabelle: Okay. Remind me, eh?
Faezah: BTW, what happened to your voice?
Isabelle: I just had a wet dream last nite. Baru baligh la nie.
Faezah: Siot je...

I have just recovered from a two-week flu. Not only runny nose, it also made my voice very much like Pavarotti (manly, that is):P

Hey bloggers (who have met me in person)... Don't u realize that my voice is naturally deep?

I attended an all-girls school (Form 1-3), and we used to have this event called Malam Kebudayaan in which all classes will perform a show, pantomime, nasyid, etc.

When I was in Form 2, we decided to perform a play with the 1st verse of this song (in one of the scenes)...

Malam bulan dipagar bintang
Tambah seri cuaca malam
Murni sungguh ciptaan Tuhan
Bulan bintang lampu alam

Duhai kasih ingin dimanja
Dengan cumbuan mesra
Untuk pelipur lara
Penawar dik asmara

and as the voice of P.Ramlee-alike was in the air, all the girls startled, their eyes wandering for a figure of a man. Ye la kan..sekolah pompuan, so, if suddenly there's a man entering the restricted zone, with us wearing the fancy costumes, mesti semua jadi kelam kabut!

I heard some of them mati-mati percaya that it was a man's voice, hence the panic! And well, as u guessed...actually I was the one behind the scene :P

I know, all ladies wanna have sweet voice that could melt the gentlemen's hearts, so some might think that this is a disadvantage to me.

Hey, u better think twice.

With this deep voice I have, I could easily pretend being a male friend to call the puppies (of the puppy love I used to date) without being stranded when the phone was answered by their parents! Eheh ;)

And I once heard someone came up with a theory that...
Orang suara sedap ni biasanya muka tak lawa...

So, I guess u know what I mean. Hehehe


  1. uwaaa.... i rasa suara i sedap... uwaaaa.....

  2. lady of leisure,
    hahaha. skrg sila le ubah pendirian. mengaku suara xsedap pun xpe la.

  3. actually i suka husky voice, sexyyyyyyy!!! hahaha...suara i macam itik, tapi cute tau! ekekekkeke

  4. hahahah..lawak jerk Belle nih *can i call u with that name?* hikhikhik..

    ok2 skrng nak mengaku sore tak sedap boley tak?:d

  5. x leh imagine how u actually sound. nnt2 one day kita mesti meet up ok? :)

  6. drama mama,
    dan dan ngaku suara itik. hahaha

    ni sorang lagi...cepat je ngaku sore x sedap. kuikuikui.
    p/s:just call me as u wish.

    sure we will one day, and i cant wait 2meet up my virtual friends!
    just imagine la, when i go for karaoke, i'd sing male singers' songs better.

  7. eih, suara u sedap & muka u lawa.

    suara i pun sedap, muka i pun lawa.

    xleh percaya teori tu. takperlah belle, saper nak tolong i angkat bakul ni kan, angkat bakul masuk sendiri. wink!

  8. hanz,
    hahaha...meh kita sama2 masuk lif & tekan sendiri...


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