Friday, February 12, 2010

Tortoise feeding

It's gonna be a long weekend, plus the CNY. I guess most people will be full of crowds.

Perhaps I am amongst those Chinese-celup not going back to hometown for makan besar and yee sang with family and relatives. The last time I ate yee sang was when I was with MakNgah's family, celebrating me before I flew off. Or, was that when I was still in relation with that Apek ah? Oh was yaaaammmm senggggg!! :P

Anyway, last weekend was spent taking Lil Adam to the lake for tortoise feeding. So, now it's kinda a routine for him to wake up early during the weekend and grab the bread, asking us to bring him to the lake.

Can u see the 3 tortoises?
"Look mama, totis!"

"Haaa...totis makan.."

"Babai, totis!"

When the bread is finished, we could see the glow in his face, satisfied that he has fed them. Roti bukan sembarangan, Gardenia pulak tu. Tapi apalah sangat kan, nak bersedekah kat haiwan... Kang jadi macam citer Qabil & Habil pulak, nak dapat pahala pun, berkira ke? :P

We also went out for dinner with DrWan's family last weekend.

These girls are unidentical twins tau! The one on the right is K.Za, the mom.

Wah...Adam macam dah terer bergambar la!

Aisey..baru je puji :P

K.Za and Affiq
and last but not least, Lil Adam tersepit in between Nina and yours truly ;)

That's about last weekend, this weekend...err... what the agenda eh?


  1. jom gi picnic dgn i! ;) calling2 ok..
    (mak yong ni ada hati dlm penat2 tu)

  2. Fulamakkk ... tu dia !!!Is, rambut adam melentik ke langit macam bulu mata model maskara dalam your previous post tu la ..

    sungguh stylo!!!


  3. wah stylo sungguh heheh...
    btw, happy holiday to u and family..

  4. miz J,
    haha. apek lor...

    tapi i baru baca komen u arini (kamis). wkend boleh?

    haii..lama xdgr citer. wotsup?
    anw,bulu mata x dpt lentik, rambut anak la jadi mangsa.

    lady of leisure,
    gi mana cuti nih?


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