Monday, April 13, 2009

Winter sonata

Last two days, I was about to text a birthday greeting to Ina Siman, when the the hp jingled a baby's voice of "Alamak! Ada mesej pulakkk."

It was Najah. Good news!
She has safely given birth to the second baby (a boy) at 1830.

So, I replied her sms first... congratulating her on the new arrival of the bundle of joy.

Then, the song Akan Tiba was on the air. A call from a strange number. I thought it was a wrong number. So, I hanged up.

A seconds later... another call received. It's Wayne!!!
Yes! Wayne... my Korean friend! What a surprise!

Us... going out together (at the Southbank)

It was more exciting when he told me that he's getting married this November... with Kelly!
Yay! My best friend is getting married to that handsome bloke eventually :P

(hey, Wayne! Don't forget to sponsor my air tickets to your wedding for writing this. hahaha)

The next minute, I found myself smiling ear-to-ear :) :) :)

I remember those days. Kelly just broke up with her boyfriend, T. And she registered for English class in the city... where she met Wayne.

As the Dr.Love (as they called me), Kelly sought some advice from me about this guy., for she herself couldn't make up her mind. Actually, I didn't see a concrete reason for her to dump T. Anyway, it's all in her hands.

Come one day, Kelly brought him back home... to introduce him to me. (Wah!!! Now I sound like a Mak). She hoped that I wouldn't like this guy. Instead, we cliqued so well :P

The lovebirds on Kelly's birthday (summer, end 2005)

Kelly lost the game, and had to fulfil Wayne's request. (Actually, he asked for a kiss in the beginning)

Hey, while looking at some of the folders of our old days, I found some piccas of me and Chris (or as I call him "Oppa" = big brother). I still keep the 1000 won that he scribbled something on.
Hmmm... I wonder where he is now. Do u have any idea, Wayne?


  1. isabelle, off topic. i suka ur style..ur outfit. cantik. mana dpt idea ye? boleh share ke? :)
    -mama asrar-

  2. *blushing*blushing

    thanks, mama asrar.

    the key is to be daring enough to try/wear it. hehehe.

    as for styling the scarf, sama je. don't feel it's too much to be stylish.

  3. hye, nice 2 visit ur blog^_^

    (nak drop word kat chatbox, tp xde:D)

  4. i think maybe u should read this..


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