Monday, April 6, 2009

An Evening of Stars

Whoa! The title sounds very much like an event with celebrities, eh?

I had a great night at the biannual dinner @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Damansara last Sunday. Unlike the previous semesters which only gathered the EnvTech people... this dinner was organized by the sophomores of ETES, CFC, ACES and FORSIS was meant to celebrate the graduating seniors and the theme was "An Evening of Stars."

It was surprising to see the students making extra efforts trying to look their best to suit the theme. Good! I thought most of them wouldn't dare to do so. Eheh! Yet there were also several fashion victims :P

The food was forgettable, but bless the organizing party for the proper. The rest let's say, was history.

The pent-up excitement was consummated with the most-awaited coronation of the Prom King and Queen, who looked very much like a Bangladeshi king and a Mongolian queen. Hahaha. Look at the pix. Don't u agree with me?

However, the prom royalty was not cajoled onto the dance floor like other (most) dinners.
(Why la the 'bapak' standing in the middle? batu penghalang betul!)

Towards the end of the event, the emcees announced a special award for the staff (sorta prom king/queen from the lecturer category). Guess who got it?
It's this syok-sendiri lady... Hahahaha

And the VVIP who put the mask on for me was the lack-of-inch-diva :P This time, she couldn't escape. Like it or not, she had to do it for me. Hahaha (gelak jahat ala Salleh Kamel)

Anyway, thanks to Yone who helped me out with the costume. Actually, I was planning to wear a decent black dress, but since it's an evening event, she suggested that I wear put on something outstanding with reflective colours.

The rest? Let the pictures do the talking...

Well, actually this kind of pre-graduation dinner rekindles the memory of my younger days (note that I do not use the term 'my young days'). I bet the students are really excited to come to the end of their study ages, not knowing what unemployement episode is awaiting, what lousy job and crappy bosses would they have, etc.

I am considered lucky as I drive into the fac almost everyday, so I don't feel that much loss. Plus, I have a great immediate boss (and I don't give a damn of how despicable the other bosses are).

So, to u guys... all the best and be prepared for the real challenge in life!


  1. yeh... yeh...
    mama hebat.. sengkebat..sengkebat..
    bukan sengkuang lebat...
    or sengkuang lepat...
    godek2 bear adam...

    p/s; nnt dapat kasut baru tak?hehehe

  2. ooo... noti ni! nak bodek mama utk dpt kasut baru ye?!!

    masa sale kemarin xnak beli.
    nnt kaki gatal kalo pakai kasut murah ye?

  3. comel..comel..pic yg pakai mask tu!and nice dress too..kembang la maklang iman ni!

  4. hnss..hnsss... (kontrol diameter lobang ngidung)


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