Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When u HATE, it doesn’t mean u just ‘DON’T LIKE’

Today I have the AKNC presentation. Before I reached the office, Dr Wan called, instructing me to be one of the panels (replacing him) to interview the candidates for the post of lecturer in our programme.

I refused but he insisted, with an excuse that it is for the subject we are teaching (Fair enough! Not all professors/lecturers know what OSHA is all about).

I was made to understand one of the panels is the diva who never smiled at me and never answer my salam. Nevertheless, Dr Wan has told the other panels his reasons for picking me.

On my way to the room, I bumped into Dr Yus. He said that the diva has asked him to replace Dr Wan. This was of course confusing! So, both of us went up together. Upon seeing me, the diva simply said “It’s ok, we already have Dr Yus”. In a way saying “Go away, we don’t want u here”.

I was outraged, but managed to show my soft attitude, and left the place. I thought all this while, she may not like me, but apparently she hates me! Now I know, she simply did that to provoke me, to drop my face! Why on earth would she be rude to me?

Fine, as u wish…Perang saraf, perang saraf la. I’ll be nice to my enemies, and especially to her friends.


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