Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Random Facts/Habits

It's mundane to write/read about daily lives, isn't it?
So, let's do this...

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged, and to read ur blog.

Random Fact/Habits #1

I have this weird/freaky habit of slicing my left heel. Yes, I mean THE heel (not the high heels!)
(Mati la lps ni korang akan usyar tumit kiri aku!)

I feel as if there’s something in it. It’s not itchy, but somehow very disturbing! So, when the skin on that part is removed, the pressure will be felt whenever I walk/stand.
Hence, I feel “Padan muka, benda tu rasa kena tenyeh!”

It could just be my feeling or mindset. Just like Mr Hubby who ‘feels’ itchy on his hands/feet before going to bed. (I mean, the real itch, not gatal nak meraba!)
The Dr. once told him it’s just psychology and he asked back “Are u trying to say I’m insane?”

Whatever. Yes, I might have a mental overthrow :P Hahaha

Random Facts/Habits #2

I love being myself (not historically, absolutely!)

When I was told about Florence Littauer’s 'Personality Plus’ I quickly acknowledged that I am a Popular Sanguine (as I only have a lil bit of both Powerful Choleric and Perfect Melancholy)

The lift of joy in times of trouble
The touch of innocence in a jaded area
The word of wit when we're weighted down
The lift of humor when we're heavyhearted
The ray of hope to blow away our black clouds
The enthusiasm and energy to start over and over again
The creativity and charm to color a drab day
The simplicity of a child in complex situations

• Appealing personality --- Eheks! Very the ‘masuk lif, tekan sendiri’
• Talkative, storyteller --- I’d drag and drift away from the subject even during lectures
• Life of the party --- Ooh.. Let’s put this out of the list.
• Good sense of humor --- At least, I laugh at people’s jokes
• Memory of color --- See, I told u. I might be in the wrong profession.
• Physically holds on to listener --- there are times I need people to listen to me too
• Emotional and demonstrative --- Let it go!
• Enthusiastic and expressive ---As usual. Macam over pun ada!
• Cheerful and bubbling over --- Hnss..hnsss… (controlling the diameter of nostrils)
• Curious ---and that sometimes, really kills the cats!
• Good on stage ---Me? But not to sing with my toady voice.
• Wide-eyed and innocent --- Is this childlike credulity a good criterion?
• Lives in the present --- Be realistic, why look back?
• Changeable disposition --- Mood swing! Only certain people can bear with me.
• Always a child --- It’s nice to be childish sometimes.
• Sincere at heart --- Wahh.. now I think I need a looser pair of pants!

Hmmm… no wonder I am married to a Peaceful Phlegmatic!

Random Facts/Habits #3

I don’t keep long nails. They are filthy! Besides, it’s easier for the water to reach while performing wuduk.

Hence, my fingernails are never seen excessively manicured. To make things worse, mine are of the cawan type.

Anyway, if I forgot to cut them on Fridays and the long nails were bugging me (I tend to scratch myself) I’d simply cut the nail on my index finger only regardless of the day.
The rest, I’d keep until Friday or Monday. Hahaha. Kononnya excuse la, it’s just one finger… Boleh gitu?

Random Facts/Habits #4

I like making new friends. That also indicates that my old 'friends' are MOSTLY craps. I realize most of the latter are covetous, so why worry too much to comfort them while I need peace of mind?

Yes, new would somehow becomes old anyway. But, that green part can somehow be toned into sea green, hijau pucuk pisang, jade green, turquoise, olive, lime green, etc. Kan? Kan?

Random Facts/Habits #5

A very bad decision maker. Am just afraid of being blamed, I reckon. Thus, my fav words are "Tak kisah la..." "Ok la..." "Boleh la..."
Oops! Now I sound like a peaceful phlegmatic!

The daily questions like "What's for dinner?" "Do u want this or that?" "Where are we going?" always meet with the same uncertain answers :P How pathetic!

*sigh* Apparently, even if my eyesight is perfectly 20/20, I will never be a pilot!

Random Facts/Habits #6

I have a sweet tooth and I like satisfying it. Oh! Whasinful pleasures I enjoy!
MrHubby on the contrary, hates sweet stuff. Hence the big portion of chocolates/desserts/sweets at home go into my tummy (No one to share with maa...) <-- lame excuse!
I share the same sugar cravings with my MIL. As MrHubby always says...
"Haaa... boleh la kawan dengan mak" or
"Kalau Mak masak, Sayang yang tolong rasa...memang semua tawar!"


Random Facts/Habits #7

I like a clean house but I don't like doing the housework (bcoz I'd do it full-hearted and fagged out)
I like having a garden, but I don't have green fingers (Why la Abah's genetic is not passed down to me)
I'd love to wake up late during weekends, but always end up early just like weekdays (and start doing housechores)

Now, do u see the pattern? :P

Random Facts/Habits #8

Last but not least, actually I love doing this tagging thingey, actually. Hehehe. Those days when Friendster was not yet in the Block List, I always post bulletins containing surveys/stuff like this.

So now, let’s share with me your random facts/habits!
Whom to tag?
• Bettyone
• Belladonna
• Mama Pasha
• AdiHana
• SyaYassir
• KakTeh
• Syazlin Azmo


  1. ya, ya..habit # 1 tu sangat menakutkan..

  2. Kalo nak mintak I tolong slice ur heels pun bulehhh...


  3. huhu..habit #1 tu memang x dapat disangkal lagi..
    cuma aku masih meragui keberkesanannya..

    oits? kalo ang hiris lebih ckit..
    boleh la kita share kasut pasni..hihiks..

    P/S: check my facts+habits!


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