Friday, May 16, 2008

Unforgettable "Mama"

Parents rejoice hearing the first "mama" or "dada," even if the word doesn't actually refer to Mom or Dad. In fact, “Dada” usually comes first as part of babbling.

Being new parents, Adam’s first word is the most anticipated. Yes, we heard him saying “Wawawa…” and “Tatatatata…” before, but it’s kinda meaningless.

He even sighed with a loud “ayahhh…” when I was still in confinement. So, I assumed that it was not meant to be “Ayah”…but just a long sigh…

Just now, Sham & my MIL told me, Adam kept crying and yelling all the way from Shah Alam to Kg Gajah to visit me...and ahah! he even cried "Mama...mama". I wondered when could I hear him saying it again.

Not so long after that, Adam was playful when I wanted to breastfeed him, so I slightly pat onto his leg (as if I was scolding him). And..... he cried “Mama..mama…”

So…Ayah, looks like Adam calls me first! I won! Hihihi (smug)

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