Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Away for the very 1st time :'(

For 8 months, Adam & I have never separated for more than 12 hours. He has always been 'under my ketiak'...

He has been listening attentively to the sound of my voice. He has heard me laugh, he has heard me cry. Even when my voice was silent, he has been comforted by the beating of my heart. From the day he was born, he was able to distinguish my voice from every other voice in the world.

Before he left me at this Pusat Latihan just now, I hugged & kissed him. I knew, it's never enough. But still I had to let go. I even saw tears rolling from my MIL's eyes. She understood that this is the first time for us to be separated. I hope, Adam wouldn't bring much trouble to his granny when I am not around.

I know this time apart is difficult for me. That’s why I brought along a pair of his worn and not yet laundered romper and a few clips of him cooing and laughing. I even keep the romper in a plastic bag to preserve his smell (blush!)

Ayah...Adam... I can't bear to be away from u.

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