Monday, May 4, 2009

Alpukat craving satisfied

During my pregnancy, I craved for so many food... like I told--> here.
Nonetheless, the only thing I didn't get was avocado. I did bought some, but the yellowish buttery pulp was as hard as stone and I was upset.

Last Friday, I went to Giant and there was a good bargain for that natural butter. Just Rm1.99 per piece! Wow! So, I got some for myself. See... this time, it's just perfect!

(pls excuse the muka bangun tidur yang poyo dpt avocado)

The avocado was spread onto a slice of bread

and generous amount of honey... (there goes the honey swirl)

Speaking about pregnancy, I absolutely can't escape from talking about my lil munchkin. These following piccas are of his latest milestone. Mama love u, dear. XOXOX

Cikebum colouring the Thomas mama drew in his book


Mama... 'mes !!!' *refering to his fav Thomas

"Pat" *it's still hard for him to pronounce the word postman.

seriously not...

Ayah, may I have this?

And... his glowing-in-the-dark face upon seeing Thomas!


  1. suka avocado ye. i tak boleh nak telan..nampak best tp tak boleh telan.broccoli pun tak boleh masuk time pregnant ni.
    adam suka thomas ye..cantik la mama dia lukis thomas.
    -asrar's mama-

  2. Bcoz I am a health freak, i'd eat anything that is good for health.

    If u can't eat the avocadoes sweet, try frying some chopped garlic in butter... and eat with the avocado. sedapppp!!! :P


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