Monday, May 11, 2009

Still About Mother

Every Mother's Day in the past years have seen me as the normal girl/lady-turned-wife-then-mom without so much thought on the person who gave birth to me. I have been through years of denial- bcoz it made me happier. Nevertheless, yesterday's Mother's Day was a potpourri of feelings.

I woke up in the morning, prepared the breakfast halfway (then MrHubby overtook the task) and ate the cucoq udang (with generous helping of prawns) and watched the telly till I fell asleep. Y'know...It's so good sleeping with full stomach (rasanya x sampai tahap tidur dalam kekufuran bcoz none of the neighbours is considered faqir. Heheh).

Later... I woke up only to realize that MrHubby was out to buy some ice cream for me. Hehehe.

Mode: I feel good.

* * * * *

Then, after Zuhur, off we went to the Secret Recipe for lunch, cum to celebrate the miraculous gift of maternal love- that's me! (whoa! exaggerating, ay?)

The yummy Yoghurt Cheesecake & my fav Walnut Brownies.

Along & Aida joined us, as she's back in SA before leaving for Kedah.

Mode : Happy! I feel appreciated!

* * * * *

Back home, after Asar prayer, MrHubby proceeded with some gardening while I brought the munchkin to the playground. Then, we went ronda-ronda around the neighbourhood on the bike.

I wonder how these people live in an over nature-friendly house like this.

Ala-ala Bali. Ganaz x rumah nie?

Why la the owner wants to have stairs like this leading to the porch?

Eh! Ada budak tengok side mirror la!

* * * * *

The who-says-it's-difficult-to-find-my-house series
I tell u... it is no. 17! U'll never get it wrong!

It's the yellowish of all yellow that it glows if u see the GIS image. LOL

Alaa... the one that looks like the TomYam Restaurant!

It is EXACTLY next to the water distribution tank.

Some Bangladeshis spending the leisure playing badminton. Teehee!
(I missed to snap one of the Indon maids playing badminton on the other street)

And... home! (after sweeping the dead leaves)
Whew! It would seem like an abandoned house even if I don't sweep it for just one day!

Mode: Best... sambil jamu mata, mengumpat tengok rumah macam-macam rupa.

* * * * *

After Maghrib, we ate dinner and put Adam to bed. Lega!
Yesterday only, he's been asking for four slices of cheddar cheese. Not to mention the fruit/vege juice and chocolates.

At 9ish, while MrHubby was watching a boring movie, I used his ipod get myself online, to moderate the comments from fellow readers and to read updates from other blogger friends.
Mode : Emotionally sentimental

Well, most friends posted typical entries about mothers.But reading KakTeh's meaningful ramblings really touched my heart.

From giggling at her story on Ghani upon seeing her Mak- that MrHubby asked me what was the story all about... I sobbed when I read her tribute to her beloved mom - which made MrHubby even more curious to know.

Actually, KakTeh did nothing wrong, but comparing her intense love towards her Mak really made me feel tiny.

It is an unpleasant reality, but mother chooses to be a bad mother, but under some circumstances, it leads to devastatingly damaging effects.

What about myself? What type of mother would I become? I chose and still choose not to look back, but just shape my family (kids) with my own mould. My apologies if there is a lingering of that hopeless hope that I was wrong somewhere.

I might not be a supermom, but at least I don't wanna shatter all the rosy whim and images of a kid cuddled up in a mother's loving embrace.


  1. eh, happy mother's day!
    macam2 jenis rumah ye at ur neighborhood. ni amik gambar sambil riding ke? sure adam suka ronda2.

    pic baby tembam bawah tu cutenyaaaa..
    -asrar's mama-

  2. a'ah...sambil atas moto tu, nmpk je rumah pelik2, terus snap (takut kena kejar dgn tuan umahnye).

    yg bwh tu...adam le. he was so chubby, wasn't he? (he was born 3.75kg)

  3. Happy MAMA BEAR day!
    bulan depan kita pg matan kat BNO kat sabak bernam, pi pekena mee udang.. hahaha...

    p/s: mama belanja, ayah nak matan 8, cikebum 2 je cukup la, mama pulak?

  4. laaa..(mulut terlopong sket..hahah) adam ker? cute bangat besar jugak adam ni.alalala..mmg comel..i thot baby girl (ada iras baby girl sikit)sape lah..ada jugak nak tanya if the baby is adam..rupanya betui.

  5. ayah nak matan 8ekor udang ke?
    mama nak matan 8 mangkuk mee. hehehe

    * * *

    mama asrar,
    hehehe...dulu2 mmg muka dia nmpk mcm girl. :D


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