Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cake, anyone?

Having a cake for your kid’s birthday is definitely a must, as it's gonna be the centre of attraction. For me, I have a dream of baking, or at least decorating my kid's cake on my own rather than the normal practice of buying a cake from the bakery or ordering one of those homemade ones.

It's just a dream. It might not be a grandeur cake, but I realize that I am a bit of-Bree-van-de-Kamp in terms of making it perfect. Whoa! This is too much. Ohh..ok...perhaps, I am not up to that extent. But enough said that I fear if things do not turn out as expected. Well, for an amateur like me I can never expect my sculpturing skills could save a badly decorated cake. Hence, worse come to worse, I have set Plan B-- to be kept a secret until the birthday. Hehehe.

I have always disliked when I bought a cake, the name of the birthday boy's/girl's was written with a bad handwriting. Yikes! Annoying tau!
Hmm... it's becoming obvious now. Okay, I am amongst those who try to make it look very professional and perfect. I don't see the beauty of the imperfect in this case.

Therefore, I had a cake baking... ooops! cake decorating project with Mama Pasha. It was planned to be on Friday, instead we did it a day earlier bcoz we were too excited! Hahaha.

So, let the pix tell the story...

Oh yes... we didn't bake our own cake, as we are not ready to be upset with the outcome :P

I guess, the coming anniversary, I'd get a mixer. So, I better buy one beforehand, so I can demand for something else from MrHubby >:)

Ayo, Mama Pasha!

This was the hardest part- covering the cake with buttercream and at the same time to smoothen the surface.

Fokus, Mama Pasha. Biar anak2 berantam dulu, yang pasti kue nya harus seru...Qeqeqeqe

And the results of the hardwork...


The first attempt that I consider I could still be proud of!

and Mama Pasha's cake...Kok mataharinya deket bgt ama kucingnya. Padang Mahsyar kali... :P

Another pride besides the cake, the notty sons :P

What I learnt from the session was the two prerequisites for decorating a beautiful cake is time and patience. Well, as some of u know... I hardly possess the latter trait. However, when time is the factor, you definitely can't rush...and I was lucky enough to have ample time for the first try.

Sorry, MrHubby for fetching u late from the office :P But I tell u what, he was surprised to see that it was ready one day earlier than planned. The funny turn-off was when he asked "Kek nye Mama beli ye?" which means he was expecting that I bake a cake as well. Hihihi...

Being a neophyte baker..oops! decorater, there was no way I could have made it perfect. But the smiles on these face is simply worthy!

When my kids are bigger, I'd love to rope them in and decorate the cake together, bcoz I believe it's gonna be a wonderful opportunity to bond with 'em. I could imagine the fun of doing it together, and the cute cake would surely touch my heart.

Hmm... sambung le berangan, Isabelle! :P


  1. for asrar's 1st, i baked and decorated the cake..sangatlah tak sedap mata memandang..huhu..

    oh, i dah undi adam :)

  2. thanks, mama asrar ;)
    btw, yes... i read about the bday celebration. that was the 1st time stumbled upon ur blog... few days after asrar's bday.

    but it wasnt bad. to tell u the truth,it inspired me for bday adam (kan bday diorg dekat2). hehehe

  3. cantik la ur cake. if only i have the skills... and time... n patience... huhu... mcm kek cap beli je la aisyah nyer bday next month ni haha

  4. qeqeqeq.. tak peee.. next time kita bake d cake yeerrr.. :*.. sory sesangat.. pasha so notty... buly adam ajerr.. cian adam..

  5. Oyis,
    Insyaallah when u hv the time, u can try.i pun selalu kek cap tunjuk je.hehe.
    Lps dah lukis train tu, i nmpk mcm x jadi je.. So i tanya adam.. What is this?
    Dia jwb "mes".
    Terus i excited sbb dia kenal.. Tandanye ada rupa la tu ;p

    Mama pasha,
    Baking kan gampang...
    worse come to worse, kita beli kue nya n decorate sendiri, pasti nampak mcm bikin sendiri. Jgn sampe ketahuan. Haha.

  6. keknya enak skali..
    aku tau ang pektis utk besday yg july..ngeh3x..

    reminding u..
    practice makes perfect:)
    u wun b upset on cikebum's besday..

    jgn lukis 'mes'..tau kan kartun aku??? hohoho..

  7. ya...ya...
    nnt utk bday ang, aku lukis bob the builder la. dah hang kata xmau "mes" kan?kan?

    oi, cepat la bg cadangan. aku nak post entry ni


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