Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kursus sampai kurus

Last week... and early this week, I attended two courses. It was pre-planned since last month, since I supposed by this time, I have already finished the syllabus (unfortunately not, due to that AKNC thingey!)

Well, the 1st course was on Mind Mapping: Nurturing Creativity.

Us... working on the 1st mindmap on frogs, ants or bees. (Everybody is trying hard to look serious and hardworking)

A part of the 'hasil tangans' from the members of Glam on the Go. Pergh!!! nama x hengatttt!!!

Not to bluster, but I believe my creativity level is slightly ahead of other people in the science field (esp.when it comes to drawing). So, I expect more than just the kiddy activities like what we had.

Our 2nd attempt to map out our ideas on Healthy Lifestyle.

However, as usual...I really enjoy meeting new people.
From left: Me, Along the GTM, K.Effa, Dr.Ambigga, K.Zehan & K.Jay.

This is the...4th time (as I could remember) I am in the same course with K.Jay.
Okay la, K.Jay... from now on we can be partners in crime la.

The other course was on Creating a Positive Mindset: Personal Empowerment for Excellence. Wah! Sounds like I am really in identity crisis or such that I am attending these courses.

It was an exhilarating course, with Perez the funny yet informative trainer. every single minute is filled with sublime emotion.

Not to mention, during the role play about the Biology Practical to-be-practised-in-the-bedroom.

There were many more, but I was bemused almost throughout the sessions. Very entertaining!
One of the spontaneous yet brash question I asked was... "If effective is a better word than efficient, then...why is your company's name Efficient Frontier?"

And I got two packets of NIPS for throwing in ideas.. and a cute notebook for making one of the most attractive Self-Talk cards too. Wanna have a look?
From one angle...

From another tilt...

How it looks like on the insides...

Not bad, ehhh? (Please la say "Niceeeee!!!!")
Actually, there's a story behind the fence. I even forced MrHubby that night to eat an ice cream (real ice cream, eh...u dirty mind!) so I could use the 'batang aiskrim.'
Another story behind the fence is the anger management story that got my brain functioning well whenever I am sane enough to think wisely.

I may not be as creative as Bella ... but kira ok la ni kan? Hehehe


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!!ais kem.....ais kem...

  2. kalau dah ketaq nak tak dan dan, terpaksa la sham ikut jugak.
    kesian kan?

  3. len kali meh bg kat aku pabeh ais kem..
    tp..bg yg baskin robbins ka..


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