Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kuku pun berbunga?

Bunga kuku?
U mean...this?

No... no...


This is what I meant.

Take a closer loook... (please ignore the unmanicured nails) :P

Or do u have other terms for this kinda thing?
Well, I was told the name is bunga kuku though it doesn't look like a bunga (flower) at all.

All these while, I have been wondering what are the reasons for having this white spot on my fingernail once in a blue moon.
So, this time, when I have it again... I decided to blog on it.
Some facts and myths said that:

Bunga kuku means somebody loves u. In other words, the more u have it, the more people who adore u. Wah! Wah! No wonder I used to have many boyfriends around my waist (as Malays call it- boyfren keliling pinggang). Hahaha! But that doesn't make sense, mate! :P

Another ideology stated that if it is on your right hand, it denotes somebody loves u whilst if it is on your left hand, it means the other way round. Ahaks! Sounds childish, just like the eyelash theory (if it falls, somebody is missing u).

Anyway, this time, I am lucky enough when I found the facts saying the white spot is called LEUKONYCHIA, which is owed to Zinc deficiency. That sounds more promising!
Excessive nail tapping, nail biting and slamming in a car door may also lead to injury to the base (matrix) of the nail, hence the bunga kuku.

However, my childish side still believes that the presence of bunga kuku signifies the problems I am facing. When I have it, I am under stress... and the hypotheses is kinda supported by my observation. Usually, my worries would no longer be there when the white spot vanished. Coincidence, perhaps!?

Err... menyimpang aqidah x kalau percaya benda-benda macam nie?

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