Friday, March 20, 2009

Right here waiting

Scene 1
I was very pregnant by then. (Couldn't remember the exact date though).
People have started to leave the campus. It was already after 5, no wonder staff, students of the fac were rarely in sight.

I sat waiting (in vain) near the parking lots. With the big tummy (which made me unable to see my own feet) and headache, I felt so uneasy.
I glanced at the watch again. A minute felt like an hour. After a while, I walked down the slope towards Block B.

Mr Hubby hasn't yet arrived. Where could he be? Attempts to get him on his hp failed, maybe the battery was dead. Tried the Dept's hp (the so-called Telefon Aduan) which was supposed to be with him as he was the Head, but he passed it to his subordinate. Gosh!

I felt like waiting in the office, but I couldn't lie down there. I could do so in the musolla, but afraid if he couldn't find me. So, there was I... walking to and fro Block A & Block B.

Then, I had to tebalkan muka to call the Telefon Aduan again to get the Bilik Kawalan's (of his Dept) phone no. Aisey! Ini kes salah guna nie.
Lucky I didn't say "I wanna lodge a report. My hubby is missing." :P

When I called, the person said..."Oh! He was here a minute ago. But I think he has left."

I really felt like screaming my lungs out or at least (if it were that easy) got a cab back home, yet the anticipation got me glued.

The red car appeared about 15mins later and I was relieved. Phew!
Tapi muncung panjang tu jangan cakap la. It could even be tied up with a ribbon. Duh!

* * * * * * * *

Scene 2
Venue : In my office
Time : 6ish

"Mana la laki aku ni?" I started grumbling, while my fingers tapped the keyboard.
I have bloghopped here and there so many times and could even memorize every single word written in their blogs (Yes, I am exaggerating. Heee)

Glimpsed at the time shown at the bottom left corner of the flat screen monitor. What time is he coming? I gnarled quietly.

The aircond has been switched off long ago, and the room felt a bit hot, esp for a grumpy me.
...and the rumble continued.
"Ish... dah pukul berapa ni? Kang lambat ambik Cikebum."
"Kot iye pun lambat, inform la dulu."

Then, my hp rang. Private number. Huh! It must be him.
As I was about to hurl out, the voice said...
"What time are picking me up, dear? Or maybe u are still not done with the jobs?"

My jaw dropped. And overwhelmed with panic & anxiety, I said...
"Aisey... I forgot that the car is with me. So, I have been waiting for u for the last one hour. Ngeee" :P

Mr Hubby laughed in mirth. "Don't worry, take your time. Drive carefully okay."

Tu je kaedahnye. Admit your mistake with an honest alamak-malunye-saye, and the raging flame would just be extinguished. Hahaha.'s almost time. I better get ready for solat Asar, and make a move. I don't wanna keep him waiting again this time, or I will forever be laughed at for my amnesic memory.

Moral of the story:
Alert sikit sape yg bawak keta. Jgn asyik nak sembur je :P
(pesanan ini adalah khidmat masyarakat untuk diri sendiri)


  1. no komen.. no komen..

  2. hang kata hang teraaaa.....
    tu la...makcik dah tua....jgn ikut mcm saya....

  3. Hi Isabellr, lama jugak tak jenguk ur blog. nice entry tho..tersenyum reading this :)

  4. olaaa...mama asrar!
    been trying to look around for u for long, but failed.

    anyway, cant wait 2 read ur mumbles n grumbles on the li'l one in ur tummy.
    i missed those days.

    adam nak adik x? hehehe


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