Friday, February 15, 2008

Endau and MIL's koleh kacang

Back to Endau for a few days... Not really for a holiday, but as usual...we couldn't really relax as in my hometown. There were too many things to do.

Plus, I had to listen to the lengthy rebuke. I thought we were advanced enough to standby a tin of formula (so they don't blame us for fully rellying on brest milk). Unfortunately, they were expecting us to start feeding Adam with semi-solid food. (Hello, it's my boy...I know what I'm doing). Gosh!

Anyway, Sham & I had the chance to leave Adam with MIL for a while, and off we went to Penyabong. Hehehe. Bila lagi nak rasa macam zaman bercinta?

There was nothing much, but we could breathe the fresh air while holding hands...just like the honeymoon days. Oh yes... and to have some crazee pix taken too! :P

Other than that, My MIL conducted a small 'kenduri' ... she was busy with her authentic 'koleh kacang' that she claimed was the one and only one in Semanyir. Hahaha...
Good that she proved to me she was right! I have never liked 'koleh kacang'...but hers, I could eat more than 3 pieces!

The funny part was while we were reciting Yasin, Kak Mie rushed outside to get Haziq who was lying near the drain (his legs were in the drain, but his upper body was lying on the floor). There was nothing wrong- he just felt asleep while playing. Hahaha... Teruk betul :P

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