Monday, February 18, 2008

Jom Masuk U! :Outreach Ipoh

It's the first Misi Akademik I joined. The mission is to provide as much info to the prospective students, esp. the school leavers.

Sounds simple, but it actually took a lot of patience to do the task. At one stage, we were sorta announcing and touting "Who wants to enter the world class university with the cheapest study fees?" Hahaha.

Rusdin & I distributing flyers... The pix of us explaining about the programs offered by UiTM is not here. (Ahem...we were busy with the task that we didn't have the time to smile for the camera).

Along was also there (am not sure whether she really did was she was supposed to at the counter though). So, before I headed off to the hotel, we took a snap of photo.

This is just a photo of a funny signboard of a restaurant. Note the spelling 'koitiau'. I have seen various spellings for the word 'kuetiau' that triggerred boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter. E.g: keow teow, koayteow, kuehtiau.

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