Thursday, August 16, 2007

A letter to my sweetie pie

My dear baby,

Been hectic these days, you might feel kinda neglected. But obviously, I can feel your vigorous movement near my rib. It’s funny to see the lump moving from one side to another. Dr. Saimah told me it’s either your butt or your little foot. No wonder I could feel the strong kicks every now and then. Naughty little boy, huh!

You know, dear. Everyone can't wait for you to be here.

Auntie Sab, Auntie Zana, Cik Dian, Paman Jalak, Tokwan.

Faraway Downunder, there are Uncle Boboy, Nanny Mary, Auntie Ann, Auntie Micha.

In other parts of the world, the news of your arrival are awaited by Auntie Kelly, Auntie Rebecca, Tante Inten, Tante Desi, Auntie Thao, Auntie Auntie Anna & Uncle Fritz, Uncle Roy and Auntie Enneth, etc.

Not to forget Makcik & Maksu who have been awaiting for the moment to laugh at Mama when I got married and being pregnant. They just couldn’t imagine it because of my character- gila-gila and not serious.

Sayang, you are such a lucky boy so, mama hope you better be a good boy when you come out later.

I could see ayah’s excitement and anticipation of your arrival. He always plays with the booties and mittens, pretending that you were kicking and punching with those little feet and hands. Funny! But I feel so love and to be loved.

Mama? Of course I am excited, but apparently I don’t have a deep fear of the upcoming labour. I know labour is painful, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still has to be done. Having the knowledge and experience working in a maternity clinic does not mean that I can adopt it well. But at least, it shouldn’t be that bad.

People keep saying, But when I think of the moment you'll be blinking your baby eyes looking around, trying to drink in every detail of this new world revealed to you...I get all keyed up and thrilled. I know it's gonna be worth the pain and hardwork just to hold you in my arm and have you by my side.

Mama easily gets tired and sleepy nowadays-it must be the pregnancy hormone. Fortunately, I don’t think it affects my other qualities…(am trying to control it as much so you wouldn’t have the bad qualities).

My dear boy,
I need to rest now. Till then, you take care and be good in there.

Can’t wait to see you,

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