Thursday, September 25, 2008

The International dress

Yesterday, the baju raya hunting continued. I was almost thwarted when the outfit of the fabric and design much to my liking were ridiculously expensive!

Later, I went back to the shop where I bought a pareo to mix & match (needed to change to another matching colour), I saw another outfit I like, with the right colour, of the right material, design and price! Hahaha! So, in no time, I had the clothing removed from the mannequin!

I am grateful that I could easily purchase clothing without having too try ‘em on. It saves time and energy (I need the calories to be my fats!)

Talking about figures, I wonder why some obese love to ‘display’ their fat thighs, flabby arms and pot belly by wearing tight jeans and baby tees? I’m not demoralizing the obese (well, some look cute! E.g: Mas).

But, hello…It’s yucky to show off fat slobs between the boobies and butts. It is acceptable if it shows ur beauty. But in this case, it only shows ur weaknesses (the ugly sides of U). I myself do have flaws, but why would I wanna reveal ‘em?

Okay..okay… enough said. Let’s talk about my childhood dress. Apart from a pink Punjabi suit with black polka-dots, I have baju antarabangsa (the International dress). Hihihi ;P How funny! Neither the design, nor the fabric is international, yet it was called so. Know why? None of my siblings know how did it actually got its name. Now, let me tell u.

Those days, I had very sharp memory and observation. I loved reading dictionaries (unfortunately, there was no spelling bee competition by then), memorize nursery rhymes and proverbs/idioms, drawing, etc.

From there, I realized the logo of Rothmans International. However, being a 4-year old (or so), I couldn’t really pick the line as advertised in the TV. I mean, I know exactly what it was and how it’s spelt… but I wasn’t sure of what it meant.

The ad went something like this… “……..ditaja oleh Rothmans Antarabangsa.

Then, I got a dress with the designs of this Rothmans-look-alike logo all over the fabric. And I hated it so much that I addressed it at Baju Antarabangsa.

Gosh! Was I that observant? If so, where did the acute memory go? I could barely remember students’ names, especially the junior ones.


  1. Baju antarabangsa...kahkahkah!aku xbleh nak ingat masa kecik2 dulu.rasa nak gelak bguling2 smbil tepuk lantai pun ada.

  2. hahaha...
    aku lagi x buleh tahan nak gelak kalau tingat citer ang ttg "abah firdaus sudah meninggal dunia" tu.

    har har har


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