Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dam dam dum...bunyi mercun!

Raya is meaningless without colourful sparks of fireworks and firecrackers. Back in Brisbane, I was lucky to get some bought from I-dunno-where. I had so much fun playing fireworks with Fiza, Suraya and some other guys in front of 10 Twelfth Avenue.

This Raya eve, while the other females were bz in the kitchen, I sneaked out to take some pix of the kids (plus the bapak budak) playing with the brilliant display of pyrotechnicses.

Wahhh... the attentive Acik lighting the firecracker, observed by Iman, Ian & Aida.

When I was small, I'd play fireworks & firecrackers with Along & Acik. At the same time, the usual song coming out from our little mouthes was the one sung by Saloma.

Apart from that, we also had some evil agendas, such as searching for frogs. We'd hold two firecrackers (one on the right hand as a torch, the other one on the left as a 'gun') and we'll walk around the house, looking in the narrow corners and between flower pots. Once we found a frog, we'll chase it and aim the sparks at it. Hahaha! Jahat giler.

Regardless of the grim tale that the abused animal would come back to us and ask for our soul as replacement, we had fun doing the ironically harsh thing. Those were the days. Before I learnt about conserving biodiversity. Hehehehe...

Another fireworks-story that never fails to make me smile was the one when Acik & I used the flame to burn the old newspaper wrapping of the guavas. It was enjoyable...until the next morning....

suddenly Mak shouted... "Oi, ni #$%*&^#$*& mana yang gatai cucuh bungkus jambu ni? Ni takdak lain la... mesti keja budak-budak ni..."

And Acik & I never confessed. Hehehe.

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