Friday, October 17, 2008

U don't wanna know...

Talks at the IOS and INTEC yesterday went smoothly. Soon after, I brought 'em to Restoran Tasik Indah (near the Shah Alam Lake Garden) for dinner. Apparently, they said it was a good choice of place- a floating restaurant!

While waiting for the guys, I gave Lesley & Jeanette some gifts- including these scarves that they liked so much.

Lesley was bz taking some photos of the surrounding- the mosque, the tortoises, etc. We were later told that her dad was a photographer. No wonder the camera she's holding is worth thousands of dollars!

I also snapped one, of the view from our table.

One for the camera, before it gets dark. Shortly after this shot, the table was filled with black pepper crabs, butter prawn, ginger onion venison, mutton curry, broccoli and mushroom and kangkong belacan! Voila!

Guri's peek-a-booing at cheeky little Adam who's on Jeanette's lap. Adam really had a good time, unlike during their last visit in February.

Prasad, who's gonna be the Tarzan at Taylor's dinner tonight is adapting to the nature by having all types of juices on the menu board.

We chitchatted about so many things that the restaurant lurched into a madhouse scene of undulating guffaws. We talked about jobs, travelling, research opportunities, me going back to BNE, Don the Nostradamus (yeah, he's Guri's best friend) and the best part was about Melanie (Prasad's boss) who's kinda senile at her 40's.

p/s: It's Melanie, dear... not Milenia! :P

She's weird in her own ways that she (may be purposely) keeps changing schedules set up for her and urging people to do impossible things with unrealistic deadlines. She even once took a fortnight off, leaving her work behind while they have just started up a new programme. Hello! It's a new programme! And u can't leave it simply like that to the wrong person!
Prasad was

At one time, Prasad got the chance to talk with her... and came up the question "Melanie, what's the task of a Programme Director?"

With a serious face, she answered "U don't wanna know..."

Again, we burst into laughter. The hee-haw was so loud and grabbed the attention of the other customers around us. They might wonder what the hell were these multi-racial chums talking about.

Hahaha! I bet if he insisted her to answer, she might have to admit it "Okay... okay... Actually, I don't know."

And Jeanette...
My hubby's name is SAM, not Charlie.
If U call him Charlie, he might strangle me for having an affair with another man! :P

My oh my... I really felt good laughing until the back breaks, until the stomach muscles cramp, and until the belly button pops out!

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