Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raya 1429

The day started with mandi sunat Aidilfitri and off we went for solat Aidilfitri at Masjid Kubang Semang. Everytime when it's raya, the story about being very late for solat raya will be mentioned. It was a very funny one, but will remain a secret to be laughed amongst us.

Back home, prepared meals and ate... then the salam-salam & duit raya session.

This is pix of my happy family on the 1st Syawal 1429. Last year, Adam was such a little baby, but now... look at him!

Siap dengan kopiah lagi.
Apa ni? Tangan ayah busyuk! Adam tak nak cium tangan Ayah! Tidakkk...

Acik's family in turquoise blue theme.

I forgot to snap the pix of Along's family, but I have this- Along, Aida & Ian in raging red.

The five of us. The three in the middle (sitting) were the ones born in Butterworth, while the other two were the products of Tanah Liat.

The next pix shows the cabaret dancers (sambil buat tangan sotong) after more than 20 years. They retired so long ago. Dah insaf & taubat dah... hahaha

Little Adam is half naked. He just loved leaving his pants behind. Oh boy...

That afternoon, we went to Yabun's house (not sure why is he called like that- is it his real name?). Along tanpa segan silunya melahap 4 bijik kuih makmur yang dijamu. Hishh... kot ya pun favourite, cover-cover la sikit!

Then, we went to Mak Timah Pulut Udang's place which was just a shout away. They were both our neighbours when we were still in Balai Pukat.

After that, for the very first time, I went to the unlike-kampung-anymore area where I was born (to Pak Isa's house). I could hardly recall anything in that area. Hmm... this old guy was so lively spirited when we talked about Malay (Hey, wait! Why on earth suddenly this issue came up on Hari Raya?)

The 2nd day of raya, we went to Shahril's house and Acik's colleague's. We rushed back home upon hearing that the snobby 'gang' was at home.. but they left just a few mins before we arrived. Actually, it's not that we really wanted to meet 'em, but just wanna snipe their overbearing pride!

Later, we paid a visit to Tok Ndak's (Bagan Dalam) & Tok Cik's (Kuala Juru). I'm glad to see Sham mingling and mixing around very well with everybody, including those he just met for the first time.

The 3rd Syawal, we went to Lrg Kulit and then to Pok Ya's in-law's house. Uiii... rumah besau giler, siap ada viewing tower facing the paddy field. Not to mention, the poem scribbled on the gate. Hehehe (smug face)

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