Sunday, October 5, 2008

O-ga-wa !

Acik, Intan & us have developed a crazy interest on massaging machines this time. Whichever shopping complexes we go to, we'd stop by at the health & fitness shops selling various massaging chair like Osim, Gintell, Takasima & Ogawa and try 'em all.

In fact, Adam has tried once too- and he enjoyed it beary much!

However, the one that Sham really fancies is the Ogawa Mobile Seat. It has moveable rollers and vibration motor at the cushion to massage us while sitting on it.

The best part is during this promotion period, they offer a special package together with a foot massager. Hmm... that sounds worthy to pamper yourself huh!

Next time, may be we'd argue to be the one who drives although it's a long distance journey. I think I'd rather drive and being massaged by the miracle-of-modern-science than sleeping on the nothing-special-co-pilot seat.

Bcoz of that, whenever Adam and Iman got ang pau from relatives or friends, the first word we'd utter is O-ga-wa! (in a melodious way like in the ad). Hahaha.

So, dear.. if we happen to buy this indulging luxury, will I still get my daily manual massage? Above all, I prefer that one, coz it's with TLC. Tender, love & care.

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