Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Menjelang Hari Raya...

As sung by Mat Salleh (a.k.a Salleh Yaakub in

On the way Hari Raya
The end of fasting
Echoing takbir in the dusk
Celebrate Syawal arrive :P

Well, we went back to Penang for Raya since Friday... so we had ample time to do some more shopping and to break fast with the family.

The next day, we went out for iftar at Nur Ly Nun Restaurant with Acik's family. Then, came the time for the dessert. I insisted to try the donuts that people have been talking about, and we drove to Nash Donuts & Bakery in Bandar Perda (not Perdu ye, bang! hehehe)

The place was empty when we arrived. I believe it's bcoz nobody would break fast with donuts only. Apart from the donuts, it also had a small corner for buns and breads. I love the setting of the place, it was nice and so relaxing.

It was very hard for the rambang-mata me to choose the donuts, however I finally settled on half a dozen of donuts after questioning the staff which one is the favorites, which one has fillings (not only toppings), yada...yada...

...And here are the donuts that captured my attention. The one with almond flakes, durian, tiramisu, chocolate & custard, mango and peanut butter. Yummy yum!

Whether or not I'm a BIG fan of donuts, it's hard to tell. I just love sweet stuff. Once in a while, when I feel like eating cheesecake or anything fancy like that, I'll just go for it. So, it's kinda bias to ask me whether the donuts were really nice or just average.

Okay, enough about donuts.

The next day, Acik drove us to the Chowrasta Bazaar, the crowded place with various clothings and fabrics, to look for Adam's & Iman's baju raya. Unfortunately, there was nothing interesting... except that Acik felt like burning the shop where he bought kain pelikat for Abah, when he realized the stalls on the street sold the same material for much lower price. Hahaha.

Then, Iman buat perangai (again!). As usual, Acik would pretend to leave him there and ask him to stay where he's standing. Iman would constantly apologize, and cried... yet he would never move from the point he's standing (lawak la pulak!). These are the pix of the drama.

Hahaha... Kesian Iman... Lain kali, kalau buat lagi, Papa kurung dia dalam bilik ayaq. Mau dak?

* * * * *

Once Along & Yone got home, the painting started. It's just the living area, as the time was so crucial.

An angle of the painter (who's busy painting the wall). Hehehe.

That Raya eve, Along cooked the kuah for the mi rebus and sup tulang. She mistakenly put the finely sliced sweet potatoes into the latter, as she thought they were carrots. Hahaha. Tak pasal-pasal ada keledek dlm sup dan kuah mi tak pekat-pekat jugak.

And when I snapped these pix, they already knew I'd put them in this blog. Hehehe. Ampun na, Along!

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