Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tracking back old friends

This morning, on our way to the office, Sham & I reminisced on the primary schooldays. Surprisingly this time, his ability to retain and recall such old stories is not as mediocre as before.

He mentioned a few names... Mukhriz, Zaidi, Afendi, Suria, Afzanizam...yada yada.
Some are successful, some are not-so, one is away in the Middle East, one has died (in an accident), etc.

As for me, recalling teachers' and friends' name is a piece of cake. Even with their Bins and Bintis! I could even remember my Year 1 teacher's name- Faridah binti Ahmad, and my kindy's teacher is Rohani.

Okay... back to the friend who died in an accident. Sham told me about the friend's love story who was rejected by the girl's parents. In the beginning, everything was smooth-sailing. until they managed to tie the engagement knot. However, not long prior to the wedding, the know was untied by the girl's parents, with the excuse that the boy was not as pious as they are. Heartbroken, the boy lived in sorrow for so long before he finally met with an accident.
Poor boy! He has lived a miserable life and finally ended up that way.

How on earth people are so easy distracted from their faith, without a firm ground to stand on? What about u out there? Do u have problems in solving such problems too?

Moi : Ahh... what's so difficult? Just go back to the God, seek for patience and peace of mind. Move on!

Hubby : U see, not everybody is like that... fully holding on to the faith.

To those who know me, they might think love comes and goes like the wind.
No! I took all previous relationships seriously, but they just didn't work. So, why should I cry a river of blood? Things will never change, though. So, life must go on.

So, still dissatisfied...

Moi : It's not difficult. It's basic! Beriman kepada Qada' & Qadar.

Hubby : Bcoz it's basic la, people take it for granted. Otherwise, there'll be nobody who purposely or unintentionally do not perform their prayers.

Moi : (after a while). Oh yeah, that's right.

Hubby : That's why even as simple as saying Astaghfirullah (at least thrice a day) is kinda burden to some people. If people are aware of the rewards that Allah has promised, we'd never forget it.

Moi : Yes...yes (betul jugak ye)

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