Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Back from Penang, we drove up to Cameron Highlands for a 3d 2n vacation. I thought it is a wise decision to go there during the off peak season (I hate big crowds). Unfortunately, the night markets are not open...and so are some shops around.

With the Bank Islam vouchers, we got good price for staying at Equatorial. This was the view of the foggy Cameron Highlands from my room.

The next morning, I had a long hot bath and we went downstairs for the breakfast buffet. W

The charming red rose in the vase on my table.

After enjoying the spread of breakfast, we started to make a movegoing around to cactus shops,

Adam was so excited riding the Doraemon outside a tea shop.

He gripped even harder when I wanted to get him off the ride!

So, when we found another similar one, we allowed him to go for another ride. It's cheap, though! See, he chuckled every time the Doraemon went boing-boing. Look at his cheeky face!

Cacti of various species. I don't really fancy cacti, as there's plenty back in hometown. Sampai tak terjaga!

Help!!! I'm stuck!
This venus flytrap looks eerie! Do u have the temerity to grow them? Though I know it'll never snap my finger, I didn't dare to put mine in. Hehehe. Sham tried... well, not bad. It closed slowly.

The next day, we packed our things up before checking out for the final shopping. While bz packing, Adam was occupied with the phone and the strawberry balloon.

Hmm... I wonder where did he learn dialing the phone whereas we only have handphones. The last time I brought him to Dr Wan's room, he also said the same.
Nowadays, when we give him our handphones, he'll put it near his ear and start babbling (as if he's on the line).

Sorry, no pix of the veges/teas/flowers/strawberriesetc, as we were so busy picking which one to buy and trying to get the cheapest we could.

We haggled at some selected shops for the best bargain they could offer. As the shopkeeper is an Indon, I tested my skills in Indonesian dialects, arguing over the price. Guess what? She's impressed! Hahaha. Practice makes perfect!
Thanks, mbak Inten & Desi. Without u (and Boboy), I won't be able to practice it on daily basis when I was in BNE!

There I was pleasantly surprised to hear her hailing in a fluent Chinese dialect at two Chinese ladies who popped into the shop. And this coming from the Indon immigrant whom I believe had discovered a surefire way of getting to the purse strings of gullible tourists like me! Whew!

Then, at the market lane while browsing the colourful bouquets I heard again another voice of commerce drooling away, once again, but this time in unmistakable Chinese...
Ahem! Apparently she thought I was a Chinese. Ngeh ngeh ngeh... :P

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