Friday, October 10, 2008

Love your pets

I'm sooo happy! My article in the Mami & Baby magz (Oct issue) came out in the VoxPop column! It's about "My kid shows interest in...."

I wrote about how keen Adam is on animals, particularly cats! Well, maybe what the old folks used to say was right..."Kalau budak-budak ada ekor rambut (mcm ekor kura-kura) kat belakang kepala, tandanya diorang serasi dengan haiwan."

That day, when Abah & us were at Lrg Kulit, we stopped at a stall selling pets. There were cute little fish, hamster, rabbits, etc. I showed Adam the colourful fish and his eyes were also looking at the rabbits.

I remember Along, Acik & I used to have rabbits when were were so small (I was only 4 years old, or maybe younger). Along's rabbit is the white one, Acik's is the patchy (black & white) one while mine is black.

Those days, vege were quite expensive. So, we didn't have the chance to buy food for the pets. I remember, if Mak cut some carrots in the kitchen, we'd patiently wait to get the unused parts, so we could feed our rabbits. (We didn't know that rabbits eat other stuff too). Hehehe...

I asked Abah what happened to the rabbits? I reckon he told us a white lie, bcoz I don't remember crying when losing them.

Abah said that actually he had given them away to a neighbour, bcoz the rabbits ate their youngs right after they were born. What??? How brutal! Lapar sangat agaknya...

Hmm... apparently, haruan is not the only one who eat the youngs! Maybe Malays can vary the proverb with "Arnab makan anak" too!

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