Friday, October 31, 2008

Sing 'em praises

My day was so packed, spending hours and hours assessing and marking, chasing deadlines upon deadlines, whizzing in and out of the room to the main office to fax documents and submit this and that. Whew! The office hour is almost over. So, here I am, hurling out everything I feel like today.

Hmmm... let's talk about expression of approval and commendation, a.k.a praise. Why praise? Bcoz that's one of the things that I received recently. Hahaha (gelak Salleh Kamel).
The usual ones would be on my scarves/shawls (on how I lilit them), my slender figure (despite having a kid) and my ordinary clothes (who never realized they aren't new actually). The unusual ones would be... ermm... I'm not gonna reveal it here, else it wouldn't be unusual anymore :P

Praise makes us on cloud nine. But I always don't know how to take 'em.
At most, I'll blush (a bit) and say "Thanks". Better still, I'd grin and say "Really?" or when I feel naughty, I'd pose excessively sampai orang tak larat tengok!

My hubby (since the dating years) was so lokek at praising. He would never speak up to tell me that my outfit was fabulous (if) or to express that I am gorgeous or such when I put extra effort to look stunning. Worse was when I was positively sure that I deserve a commendation.
So, I once complained to him “U don’t have to spend a single cent and u don’t lose anything if U praise somebody!” and now I am glad he is finally able to tell me that deep inside, he is proud of me.

Dr Wan is another expressive man I know on this earth. I am glad to have such a boss/mentor/friend who is not always concern about my job, but also my appearance. He’ll praise me if I had done a pretty darn good job and would also tell me if I looked so pale (time to touch-up a little bit so I don’t look like a buruh kontrak!). He knew I wanted to be like him and he must have noticed that everything I did, I’ll try to match the precedent he had set.

As for me, words of praise come out easily from my mouth, even to strangers. I even praised a lady’s lovely skirt when I was once traveling in the KTM Commuter, and I can simply tell people that their outfits/make-ups are gorgeous. Well, I have nothing to lose! Why worry?

In contrast, my parents are the last people to talk about me. Malay parents, as I was told, say little about how cool their kids really are. What a waste!
How on earth am I supposed to know that I am doing good enough or not? Lucky me, I have a very high self esteem.

Well, at least I have Mak Ngah who always tells me to become the best in everything. Fashni and Fashah must be very contented having her as a mother.
Apart from her, I have my godmother, Mary the motherly and expressive figure. Jennifer, David and Sally must be blessed to have a mom who lives to appreciate and tell ‘em how great they are.

Nothing validates and intrinsically exalts u to a greater place than a word of praise from the ones u love… and oh, from strangers too! So, move around and make up other people’s day!

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