Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wrinkles in Time...

Yesterday, Winie (or as I call her Dr Tan), Faezah went out together. There were many topics we talked about, including the visible fine lines under the eyes.

Not bad, huh? Not yet in our 30's, yet we are very concern of that thing. It must be the hardwork we have at home and at work. (wink@DrWan -as it's end of the year, SKT time! Hahaha)

In this cyber world, everybody is ageless, unless we meet up and start to count the lines on each other's faces. Oops! Wouldn't that be too much!? Anyway, there are numerous solutions out there- Vit C, botox, ozone, oxygen, etcetera.... Yet, they all pose different effects on different people, I reckon.

Since the first time I started lecturing, the students kept asking me about my age. I'm not shy or scared of my own shadow to tell the truth, but the Malay (or maybe Malaysian) culture is... students make it an issue not to respect the lecturers, esp. when we are just few years apart. Respect in this case is more on the attitude, not about a standing ovation or tabik hormat yang bukan-bukan.

Nevertheless, with time, they got to know my age. Maybe from my hubby (those who are so close to us), or maybe from my Friendster (I can always change it in my profile. Haha) or any means. When they wanted to celebrate my birthday, the number of candles would be another issue. Sometimes they got it right, sometimes not :P

And I always tease them, saying that I'll lower down their grades if they say I am older than 18. Well, I always go for that number as it is just perfect... young and not under-aged! Hihihi :)

Well, time sure flies, whether or not you are having fun. To me, age is just a number. It doesn’t really bother me much, it doesn’t slow me down.

Perhaps I have to learn not to worry about wrinkles or grey hair,as the laws of Physics said that things get oxidised, decayed and eventually cease to exist.

Spend more time worrying about the thing that does not care how you look- the expiry date! When it's time, it's time. May Allah bless us all.

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