Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adam's milestones

After 14 beauitiful months, Adam is a big boy now. He's so active. He'll be busy wandering from the front door to the laundry room, marching like a li'l monster to the bathroom when the door is open. He'll follow me to the kitchen whenever I'm there. Look what he did the other day...

(Peeking inside...) Hmmm ..looks interesting!

Alamak! I'm caught red-handed :P

Mama... can I just have this? Just this one...

Whoa! This is cool. I can scatter 'em all.

Well, Adam can sometimes be a naughty boy but he sure knows the way to curve a smile on my face. Yet, I don't feel like lavishing him with attention and materials. Well, people might say... what type of parents are we, yada..yada... but it's my way of raising my munchkin.

I wonder la...how it'd be if he were to get a sister soon.


  1. Mak aii....adam tolong mama kupas bwg ka?

    Ija baek hang jaga2...nanti cabai kering plak masuk mulot dia.

    Adam...so cute...mak ngah rindu nak gomoi adam!

    "Mak Ngah Adam"

  2. cabai kering? don't worry.
    cabai kering only exist in its original form (unblended) when my MIL comes visiting. hahaha

    yg dia dah blend, kami guna. yg masih berupa cabai, will remain being cabai sampai x boleh dikenalpasti sebagai cabai lagi. kuang kuang kuang...


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