Saturday, November 15, 2008

Days out with old buddies

On two different weekends, I managed to meet my old friends, Bibah and Ina Siman.

Well, as usual, there's plenty of ups and downs, advices & dark secrets to share with Bibah. Chatting with her is never boring. She knows me inside out. Even just with a hint of clue, she could tell me the whole story. Syyy... (zipping up lips)

On another note, congrats to Ina Siman (my gonjeng mate during schooldays) who just got a baby gurl. Nur Iffah Eryna. Err..did I spell it right?
Alaa...Ina Siman. Ok la tu. At least I don't name her Aslidi, instead of Eryna (for the combination of aslina & erialdi). Kwa..kwaa...kwaaa....

Actually, I haven't heard from her for a long time, yet recently she called to tell me that she's on maternity leave! Anyway, welcome to the club!

Aku baru ingat nak suruh Adam ngorat anak kau, tapi kalau kita berbesan, musti kau kikis anak aku cukup2 kan? Kensel la...

Wei Ina Siman & Najah Mo'min, we really hafta set a day to chill out to reminisce and gossip about many things. Where's Siti Rahmah Hassan ekk?

*p/s: we used to call each other by full name, including with the surname. Funny!


  1. Ermm..bibah..putri..n another person sapa ek? lupa la plak namanya.

    "Mak Ngah Adam"

  2. kuang kuang kuang...sejak bila menjelma jadi kambeng plak ni. hehehe


  3. well, dah mmg kambin. what to do? >:)


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