Thursday, November 13, 2008

My UPSR story

Today is the day the UPSR result is announced. So, let me share my story with u about my experience getting the result.

It was the nerve-breaking moment (ye la, 1st big exam la katakan). That morning, before assembly, I bumped into Cikgu Mazlan and he asked me what was my expectation. I said I was nervous, but with a grin.

There, there was a big crowd at the canteen of SeKeTuL (as I address my primary school), as that's where they display the results.

I was a bit late, bcoz I had to meet a teacher, if I'm not mistaken. So, I pushed the crowd (being the brutal me), and tried to look for my name...

Cikgu Ismail (he looks really like Anwar Ibrahim) who was also in the crowd said "Hah..Is******... awak dapat apa?" eyeballs followed his fingers, pointing at my name.

Is****** Ismail A A A A

Spontaneously, I jumped in joy. "Yay!"
And Cikgu Ismail semi-sarcastically said "Org cakap Alhamdulillah, dia 'yay! pulak"

Then I left the scene. Ahhh...Cikgu Mail is always like that. He always sorta try to find my faults, whether he's just kidding or what, this time, I don't bother.
And from that moment, I was smiling ear to ear, uttering tahmid again and again.

Know why? Being a student who is always on top of the list for the batch, I desperately must get straight A's. I just can't bear getting a B for any of the subjects.

Back home, as I reached the backyard (we always use the back door), I quietly told Tok the results. Then, Mak popped out and asked "Hah?! What do U get?"

With a sedih-dibuat-buat-face, I answered "3A, 1B"

and in no time, Mak started hen-pecking "Tu la, org suruh belajar..bla..bla..."

Bcoz I don't like hearing 'em, I admitted "I got 4As la..."

And the sheepish Mak went in saying "Hmm..gatal!"

Today, I am not surprised to get a text msg from Sue when Amira got straight A's (it's 5A's now). I knew it already! Kudos, dear Kakak!
I hope little Adam will follow her steps one day. Ok guys, I'm signing off... am going back to force Adam to read encyclopaedia tonite. Hahaha.

p/s: Congrats to Irsyad, too! We never thought he (Sham's nephew) would make it :P


  1. wah tringat gak zaman upsr kena titik jari dgn pembaris.. anyway berkat titik jari dapat le A hahha.. oh mrs.isabelle.. checkout my new blog.(terpaksa wat) hehee

  2. ok, amz. will do. musti budak nakal ni. kalo saya jadi cikgu, jgn kata titik... saya tetak je ! :P

  3. haha saya jugak yang budak baik.
    xpenah kena titik ngn pembaris.
    slalu kena denda bdiri ats kusi jek hehe.. :P


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