Sunday, November 30, 2008

The last party at the house

Somewhat around last fortnite, my beloved students insisted on having a BBQ at my place. Well, may be they just need a space to conduct it and mingle. So, I agreed... provided that they don't expect me to prepare anything, as I'd be very tired after work.

So, here are some pix of the event. You can also read Adi's entry on the BBQ.

Adi was the child minder. Playing, jumping with munchkin sampai basah keti. Hahaha.

There were two bibiks, working really hard in the kitchen- Shila and Zack.

Alaa... Shila tu, x lama lagi je tu. Zack pun, kalo dah rajin camni, x lama lagi, kalo x Nik, Miji yang dapat. Hahaha :P

Shila's fried noodles were yummy, just a bit too spicy! But we toned it down with the dollops of mayonnaise in the coleslaw.

The arrival of Najma (& Asyran-not in the pix)

These are the guys, patiently barbecuing the chicken.

Note the small head amongst the blokes.

Tadaaa... the spread of food, b4 everything went down our tummies.

Zack in the love triangle. Hehehe. Yang mana 1, idaman kalbu?

Asyran- ni apa duduk mcm pengantin ni? Cuba tengok org sebelah tu duduk camna.

The bros n sistas chuckling and giggling. Lawak apa tu ye?

Mat, trying his 'bakat terendam' fatherhood.

And this pix was taken before everybody was stuffed and started lying down like pythons after swallowing a goat.

Oh yea...and as Adi said, I forced 'em all to try the Ogawa mobile seat. Hihihi :P

To my dear students,
Since none of u brought a one-kilo cheese cake (as one of u have promised), it is highly likely that none of u will get an A. Muahahaha (gelak Komeng).

p/s: this is an evil footnote and will self-destruct after the exam result is out.


  1. 1. apesal letak pix terkangkang ku ittew!! abes la saham jatuh..

    2. for your information, mat was actually tormenting little cikebum!! dia gesel janggut dia kat muka adam. poor adam tkejut siap buat muka blur. tu yg kami gelak sakan tu muhahahaha!

    3. ciss.. eh cheese cake? 1 kilo? ada ke? sapa yg buat janji manis tu??

  2. 1. that was intentional. so that ur options are limited to buncit, not-hensem govt servants >:)

    2. what? mat was sexually harrassing my boy! eee...

    3. hmm... dah la tabur janji k*ling, buat x ngaku pulak. maka akan penuh kesalan la org tu bila tgk exam result dia nnt. hahahaha


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