Friday, November 7, 2008

Running errands and chores

Phew! A humongous part of my task is complete now- drafting the letters for the students industrial training. It's no joke, u see! I thought it's just a simple task, co-ordinating this. Anyway, there's a pile of CVs to be attached with the letters.

Today's Friday, so... almost the end of the week. This weekend, apart from attending DrWan's kenduri... I'll be meeting Bibah. Yet another 34 answer scripts are waiting to be marked. Gosh! I hate exam weeks! Can't wait for the semester break...

In the meantime, there's plenty of housechores to do.

1. Sweeping, mopping, wiping (all means of clean up)... as the house gets dusty very quickly, although the doors are just opened for a few mins before we go to work, and few more mins when we come back home.

2. Need to do the laundry, dry 'em on the line, fold the dry ones. There's a big pile waiting to be folded.

3. Cooking. This is not compulsory, just upon Mr Hubby's request. Yet, if I do it, it means washing the dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, etcetera.

4. Clean up the mess made by little Cikebum. Nowadays he has started dragging the empty kettle from the kitchen to the living area (just like a handbag), other kitchen utensils to the bedroom, his toys left in the kitchen...

Argghhh! God, grant me strength to do all these & patience to face 'em all.
(Husband must have made a you're-right face if he reads this. Macam le aku yang buat semua tu. Hahaha)

Thanks, dear for lending a helping hand! Else, I'll definitely go mad.


  1. Hahahaha...syabas adam...syabas mere beta (sambil satu tgn tak kat pinggang n satu lagi tunjuk gelang)

    Biasa la tu ija...inilah masa anak2 tunjuk rajin sebelum jadi pemalas mcm iman sekarang.
    Asal soh simpan brg mainan..dia kata "iman letih...iman sakit pinggang...iman mengantok n etc"


  2. va...vaa...vaaa... (sambil tepuk tangan dgn slow motion).

    iman ni baguih la...
    hang buat paiti byk2, satgi papa kurung dlm bilik ayaq, baru hang dok jenuh mintak ampun.

    satgi mama hang pegang rotan, baru hang tau. hahaha


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