Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mother crab teaching baby crab to walk properly?

Little Adam's personality is becoming more obvious now. he laughs a lot, smiles and grins. He even teases us to play with him.

But at times, he can be very cranky (asyik meghap je), as he always wants Ayah & Mama to be beside him, TOGETHER.
Hmm.. he must have got it from Mama. Tu la, I always meghap-meghap during pregnancy. Now it serves me right!

Notwithstanding that bad-but-still-tolerable behaviour, sometime around two weeks ago, while listening to the azan on Astro Oasis, he put his palms next to his cheeks/ears, trying to imitate Razak Ahmad (the muazzin). My, I was so touched!!!

He is so observant! Subhanallah...

Jadi anak yang soleh ye, Sayang. I don't care what people might say, me being the so-ordinary me, yet expecting the best for my kid(s). Iman is not something that we can pass to others, regardless of the flesh and blood relations we have.

As what Sham said, we can't simply judge people from what we see they are or what we see they do. We never knew, maybe they wake up late at night for solat sunat and such. We never knew if they always make sure their solat fardhu is on time.

So, who are we to label people as 'ketam mengajar anak berjalan betul' or what?


  1. salam,
    if i'm not mistaken, r u replying me?
    :), sorry..
    ibu bapa yang dimaksudkan sudah tentu ibu bapa/keluarga yang saya ketahui/rapat... bukan tuduhan, realiti.. :)

  2. wsalam...

    ish...xde la.
    ooo..sya ada tulis something on 'ketam' gak ke? hihihi. sama le pulak.

    saya tulis apa yg baru ni berlaku & yg saya bincang dgn hubby je.

    anyway, happy reading! :)

  3. boleh pulak ye?
    apa2 pun, jemput ke blog saya.. :)


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