Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O-gawa surprise!

Am just taking this last few mins (before I leave the office) to release whatever is startling and bugging my mind.

Yesterday, I was so mad at this idiot who selfishly and inconsiderately left my bottle of milk where it wasn't supposed to after she realized her friend mistakenly took mine, instead of hers from the fridge.

I was unable to say anything else, as that was the third time I was upset by some imbecile morons. Fortunately, before I lost my mind, I got everything justified by a dear friend of mine, Sab. Thanks, babe.

My plan for the Ogawa surprise was sorta ruined a bit. But it has to go on. So, upon arriving home, I surprised my hubby by giving him the ever-wanted Ogawa mobile seat. Hehehe. That wasn't a big surprise, though. I just couldnt resist hearing him talking about Shady's mom who just bought that thing and I couldnt stand him quetching on his backache and sleepiness on a long drive.


Happy anniversary in-advance, dear!

I just couldn't wait any longer. Anyway, we would be on different piece of land on that day soon.

p/s: Acik, aku tak guna duit raya Adam tau! Hahaha

Back to that moron's story. This morning, while attending a forum with DrWan at TPM, the idiot texted me, wanting to meet me to explain everything.
She came several hours later, only to hear me bawling out sarcastically and reprimanding the possible consequences in the future. That idiot, with a stony face just swallowed my intense wrath.

A part of me said: My oh my... have I been a monster?

Another part of me said: It's ok. She deserved it!

Ok... time to go. Tonite's time to be a Panda again (black-patched eyes), marking the exam papers till late. Gosh!


  1. Amboih sengih si sham sampai ke telinga dpt OGAWA...pasni tdoq kat hall xpun dlm keta la naaa...

    psstt...betoi ka hang xpakai 20% dari duit raya adam...hehehehe...


  2. Oo owh..that idiot (as u called her) really messed up with the wrong women!!
    so i guess she deserved it la kot huhu..

  3. to intan,

    mana ada kami guna 20% duit raya adam? kami guna 99% ja la.

    muahahahaha (gelak salleh kamel)

    to adi,

    i suppose she really deserves it! it might still be ok if she did it to someone else, but when she crossed my path... that's it.

    i heard she is really problematic. so, serves her right la kan?

  4. haha if thats the case so mmg patut sgt2 la tu..
    eh she didnt say sorry ke?

  5. she did, but after that she started telling friends that i scolded her.
    so, those yg xtau the real scenario kesian la kat dia.

    luckily lps tu ada org citer balik. so, ada yg kata... bertemu buku dgn ruas le :P

    eh adi...ur blog ade update x?

  6. huh mmg dia kena scolded kot..tapi she deserved it la kan.tu la sape soh buat perangai tonyet ngehehe..

    my blog kat fs la yg ada update.
    kat sini je yg xstart blogging lagik..


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