Monday, December 1, 2008

Deadly Diarrhea

My stay in KK this time was intensely atrocious due to consistent vomitting and diarrhea. This time it was the worst ever.

It started with munchkin, who vomitted on Sat nite and producing watery stool from that nite on, every few hours. Medicines from the DEMC counter didn't seem to work. Neither Mr. Hubby nor I was reluctant to proceed with the plan- he had a course to attend in Malacca, while I had to bring munchkin to KK. Yet, everything has been planned, so off we went.

Days in KK went by like hell. Checked in at Kinabalu Daya, but there was a blackout for hours. So, the next day, we checked in at Promenade. The place was much better, yet I fell sick soon after.

The morning I was supposed to present my poster, I threw up a lot and felt giddy. It was very hard for me to handle the poorly ill and cranky Cikebum. I felt like screaming my lungs out! I need to get rid of all these!!!
Thanks, Sab for lending a helping hand.

So, this pix is just a 'one-for-the camera' shot before I rushed back to Promenade.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Ali (Sham's friend) arrived to help taking us to the clinic and tapao some lunch. Thanks, Ali!

The usual me-with-my-deadly-sin-gluttony turned into a weak-with-no-appetite-bulimic. That's very awkward! Later, Sham told me, he too has started to suffer from diarrhea. Hmmm... I wonder why and how? Whew! What an anniversary!

So, there's a big change in the plan. I didn't attend the dinner and changed my itinerary to go back to KL the next day (Thurs), instead of Friday.

And Alhamdulillah... that nite, Adam's health has improved until the day we arrived home.

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