Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of year entry

Got some cupcakes from my student!, this is no bribe. She's just thanking me for the grade she got for last semester.
*p/s: Adihana, aaa...mcm ni le contoh yang bagus :P

Thanks, Rajiah... for the yummy cuppies :)

Later for lunch, Zana & I went out to celebrate Sab's birthday at Kenny's. It has been a while it is postponed actually. But since it is still December, kira ok la kan?

Happy birthday, babe! Another year older, but not to worry...

We also went to see the latest car of the dream - the new City. Awesome, eh?


  1. aah rajiah tu mmg bagus. sbb tu i pun dapat cupcakes dari dia jgk hehe...

  2. aaa? how come u got cuppies from her too?

  3. haiyo... kena bg cupcakes ke.kalo nk dpt nice grade? (desperate sgt nampak nyer!!) anyway dun judge on good grade kalo keje pn xde.. hua3x..


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