Friday, December 5, 2008

Arts inside, Science outside

Yesterday, I spend several hours consoling my eldest sister who just got the news that she is transferred to Kelantan, effective from ten days from now. Poor Along!

That's what happens when u get an ungrateful boss who only makan gaji buta yet wants underlings to kiss his ass to get promoted. Along, being the soft-hearted lady has always obeyed to his orders, helping him with management tasks regardless of her many chores. In the end, this is what she gets! This is too much!!!

So, I just advised her to learn the war game - not to show your weaknesses nor strength to the enemy (yes, in this case, the Janggut guy is a foe). Like it or not, she still has to report herself to duty on time, but as time goes by, we'll see what we can do.

Life is circle. A person as patient as Along would not find much difficulties to wait a loooong time for retaliation. Yet she holds no grudge towards those who have appalled her, unlike me.

Well, after lunch, she accompanied me to the clinic for a PAP Smear. Before the test, I had a UPT - just in case. Who knows? My appetite has been very good since the past few months. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately), the result was negative. Hahaha!

Then, we drove to TJ Fine Art Gallery in Hartamas to collect the cheque for Abang Man's paintings. While Along was schmoozing with Kak Kelly (the gallery owner), I tried sketching this in my new G900.

*Pix here were taken by my FE320 on the G900 as I failed to transfer 'em using bluetooth :P

Not bad, huh? Even Kak Kelly said I could draw well (I'm not a good drawer though! Hahaha). How I wish I could produce naive paintings just for fun, while at the same time earning side incomes. But to start is no easy job!

Anyway, sometimes I ask myself whether I am an artist trapped in a scientist body. Despite being an academician in the science field, I enjoy drawing very much.

My drawings are mainly teddy bears holding a big heart/flowers, hugging, day dreaming, sleeping, showering, studying, etc. When I was in BNE, I used to send 'graphical letters' to my niece (Aida) and my hubby (then, my bf). Aida would proudly show the letter to her Abah & Ummi before replying 'em, while Sham would just put it in his safekeeping.

If he were to draw a bear, it'd look like a bear suffering Filaria (the elephant's leg) disease a.k.a untut. Pity kan? But that's considered as cute la! :P

Due to my interests/skills in both disciplines, I was in conflict of which area to jump in for my study. I knew I could do well in linguistic (then), yet I just felt like doing Science.

Eventually, here I am... ended up being a Scientific academician, who once feared of her ultramodest performance in microbiology, then jumped into the interesting environmental studies before strangling herself in the biotechnology field, while at the same time enjoyed jobs in marketing, teaching, health line, etc. but still keep the passion in arts.

Nonetheless, knowing some great bloggers (just in the cyber space), I don't think I could be a salient writer. Hehehe. See, Allah knows what's best for us.

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