Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visit from a French friend


Yesterday, we got a visit from Caroline. She flew from London (where she's doing her PhD) and stayed overnite at Concorde as I recommended.

Then, we started the day with a breakfast at the hotel, updating each other on the latest progress and friends. She actually just came back from Asheeta's wedding in New Zealand.

*no pix though, as we were bz chatting and chasing Little Adam*

The first destination that we brought her to was Masjid Sultan Salahuddin (a.k.a the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior). She was amazed with the structure that incorporates elements of Malay and Islamic architecture as well as the fine decorative calligraphy on the curve of the dome and walls (Aren't u, Caro?).

Next, we drove her to the so-called-world-class-university, hehehe. Just to show her the place where I am servicing.

As time was crucial, we just managed to bring her to the must-go tourist attraction, the KLCC. (Pix will be uploaded once Caro email 'em to me).

Then, we rushed for a quick lunch at the Awan Besar R&R, for Haji Samuri's famous Satay Kajang. Well, the venue might not be stupefying, but she really liked the food. Good selection, hey?!

Finally, off we sent her to the airport as her flight to Singapore was at 5.

Au revoir, Caro!
U better start finding a good man, so I have good excuses to go to France! ;)

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  1. I like to see your friend. She is cute and I like to meet her.

    I guess she is fatty one, isn't it?

    I also want to do Ph.D. Can you tell me her area of research.


    Rafiq Ahmed Soomro
    +92 345 2322258


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