Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aidiladha at the Ward

Vomitting and diarrhea might be common and even accepted as part and parcel of childhood. But febrile fit is no joke.

That's what happened to my li'l munchkin last week, the eve of Aidiladha. While others were bz in the kitchen, and I just got myself excused after cleaning the chicken, Sham told me that Adam has a mild fever. As Kak Mie didn't have any paracetamol syrup in her stock, Sham decided to buy it from the nearby pharmacy.

At an abrupt interval, Adam trampled and fell down. The next secs, he hollered and got the attack. I don't remember how crazy I was, screaming and crying, not knowing what to do because of the sudden onset and frightening nature. Lucky that I had my in-laws around and Sham was reaching the compound when I called. So, off we went to find the nearby clinic.

After going round and round, looking for help from the well-u-know-after-office-hours Klinik Kesihatan... we tried another clinic, but it was also closed. Hospital is an hour drive away, thus is out of list.
Then, MIL asked us to return to the Klinik Kesihatan as she has asked the on-call person to help.

We were at the end of our rope - desperate and not knowing what to do. Called here and there for advice. I just couldn't help myself looking at the helpless darling in my arms, uttering every Surah that came to my mind. The first thing that sprang to my mind was ..."What if...?"

Once in the emergency room, we put him on the bed and just let them do anything they could, apart from helping to sponge his body wet. Adam was put on an intravenous drip and we couldn't cover him with any blanket, to avoid trapping heat in.

That Maghrib, Adam & I (& MIL) were in the ambulance, heading to Hospital Mersing. I wept as I heard the azan from the radio. I remember how he'd put his palms near the ears when hearing it, but now... he's just lying there, half-conscious. Ya Allah, please save my little boy!

So, that nite Adam & I were left at Ward 3. MIL went back home while Sham waited outside. I was touched to hear the chanting of takbir in the air from the nearby mosque. Ya Allah, grant me patience to face all these.

I remember Sham's advice "Allah is testing us with hardship and oppression."

Aidiladha was just like other ordinary day. Well, what can u expect celebrating it in the ward? But at least, my thoughtful in-laws packed generous amount of home-cooked dishes for me.

Tuesday lolled around but as Adam's condition seemed to fluctuate, we had to wait for another 24hrs.

Came Wednesday, to us the anxious parents' relief, his condition gradually improved and was discharged from the ward.

Look at him, after the bandage-for-the-drip was unwrapped from his foot. Then, he walked around and started greeting everybody in the ward. Alhamdulillah! My baby is back!

To Dr Khairul Rizal and the team of the Paed Ward of Hospital Mersing, thank u so much. We shall eternally be in your debt.


  1. Poor little Adam..
    Dont wory 2 much puan, Mbah Adi akn ikut doa utk Si Cokot ittew supaya sentiasa sihat wal'afiat supaya boleh terusan di cokot hehehe...

  2. Baik banget Mbah Adi ni.
    Kamu lagi ngapain Mbah, sambil nungguin exam results nya?

  3. alahai ciannya cikebum makngah...
    balik nanti kita pi zoo tepeng k.
    abg iman dah xsabaq nak jln2 ngan adam.

    "makngah adam"

  4. cikebum nak blk wkend ni, tapi xleh blk sabtu. kwn mama dari france nak mai, so kena entertain dulu.

    uhuiii.. xbsrnya nak p zu tepeng!

  5. ya iya, mbah lagi nungguin exam results terus mau liburan n menghabiskan sisa2 kehidupan sebelum pulang menghambakan diri ke kampung..
    sebel banget!! :(

  6. iyaa..itu kan mbah! kalo ada cheesecake 1 kilo, pasti bisa dapat gred bagus kan? *wink*

  7. yg dah berlaku tu biarlah berlalu. sesungguhnya saya pasrah....


  8. uhuhuhu.. adam lg seram tgk.. siap wayar bagai...oja sib baik jg gasboy jer...huhuh

    doc nak tambah air tp p-na dia ckp dia mkn ok.. trus doc kata x yah.. fuhh..lega...

    busan kan dok ward nie.. cukup lah... mintak simpang la...


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