Monday, December 22, 2008

Adam's milestone II

15 months and growing.
These pix paint a thousand words...

Hie, Mama! Need a ride?

I'm thirsty...

Tok Wan, let me help u raking the dead leaves.

Dush! Dush! Wachaaa...

Fabregas Tapioca is in action b4 scoring a deflected strike.

Yes, who's that?

I'm gonna upload some of his latest videos soon.
He can now dance to the beat of certain songs, esp. Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, etc.
He teases us by shaking his head when we wanted to give him something that he actually wants.
He likes playing with his tongue, making the bla-bla-bla sound.
And the one that melts my heart is when I spelled M-A-M-A, and he continues "Mama".

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