Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do u feel old or young after seeing these?

Now let's hark back our early days...

Tell me, what first came to ur mind when u see these piccas.

Yes... those are the rubber... eh, erasers! With flags of various countries we didn't even know exist.

Don't they look familiar? The pencil box that we can tekan-tekan... and the tin one that made so much noise when it fell of the desk? Hahaha.

So, guys... if u open ur eyes and only know Buncho water colours, then u are not in this group! :P
* * *
What about this one? Tora datang lagi....

These colourful jellies are famous until today. People even address other brands of jellies as Sumi.

"Sumi jeli manis... Sumi jeli manis... Rasa sedap agar-agar buah..."
(My Hubby always thinks I am crazy and weird for being able to remember the line of the ad)

Fancy something chewables, anyone? Now, there's a new version... More bounce, more fun!

...or maybe this one?

...or this?

These are the sugar icing biscuits that really bring me back down the memory lane. Acik & I used to have a handful of the biscuits once in a few days. We always ate the biscuits first, leaving behind the icing to be kept in the fridge for other time. Alaaa... save the best for the last la katakan!

Sometimes, we'll get these animal-shaped biscuits. They taste just plain, but the fun lies in the assorted shapes- bears, elephant, etc.

Let's look at the things/toys we played those days. I don't know what is this called, but the paper is folded perpendicularly twice before we get this shape. Then, a colour is spelled and one will pick a section before the silly statement written behind it is read.

And hey... this toothpaste-like tubes are actually balloons!

I used to make balloons with this and attach 'em together to make funny shapes. Did u do the same?

Guess what? I still have this back in hometown. The small combat miniatures of mainly green colour. But now, Iman is the one who plays with 'em.

Another toys of the childhood days....

This will surely bring smile to Along's face. She used to make her own dolls & their cardboard apparels. Anyway, her artistic skills are never appreciated by mak, who always dumped 'em away.

There were times when schoolkids were so into playing cards, too.

...just as seasonal as yoyos are

This kinda piano is for smaller kids, though.

Same as this one...

Acik also had this pistol that we played together. With the sulfur bullets, it produced real loud bangs. Yet, considering the bullets that could be expensive (I think it cost 10sen each, perhaps?) we never asked Abah to buy more bullets. See...we were good kids meh?!:P

Last but not least, here are some of our heroes...

Ahhh... I feel good reminiscing the good old days. What about u? Does it make u feel young again or too old? :P


  1. been there, done that - all of 'em!! Aiyoohh 80's babies sgt2!! ttba tersedar diri dah tua oppsss.. :P

    best kan those stuffs zaman kita kecik2 dulu? (matilah satu zaman ngn lecturer!!). wonder if the blow-balloons tu ada jual lagik...

  2. the blow balloons tu ada lg. i once found it kat kedai sect7.
    and guess what, masa kat kg abg sham aritu while waiting for the traffic lite, suddenly we saw that balloon flying accross the road out of nowhere. yes, that blow balloon! hahaha.

    sezaman dgn lecturer?hmmm...so, u have 2 options.
    1.to admit that u r old enuff
    2.to admit that ur lecturer is young!

    which 1 do u choose? ;)

  3. hahahaha...tingat zaman kanak2.
    tapi hampa 2 org (hang ngan acik) memang dasat...bleh ingat semua.

    Ija, awat xboh kartun smurf...xtengok ka? thundercat..


    (makngah adam"

    **wei hampa balik smeinggu ja ka?

  4. seminggu kira lama la tu. blk shah alam nnt nak mengemas pulak.

    smurf... voltron... toriton...
    byk sgt nak boh. takut x larat. tu kira sebahagian la tu.

    hang ni sama dgn sham la, intan. apa hampa buat smpi x igt zaman kecik2 dulu?
    err.. ka kami yg super-pengingat psl kena train dgn mak mun? huahuahua...

  5. pelik...pelik..mana ada org inigat masa umuq dia setahun tapi sikalang wa sudah percaya sebab iman pun sama ja..peelnya mcm acik & hang.

    acik selalu akan bagitau iman pasai toriton .bunyinya cenggini "toriton...posidon dah mati..."ntah menda apa lagi..ngapa la tetiba aku lupa plak.. ceh

    "makngah adam"

  6. la..seminggu ja ka? kata nak pi pesta la..night market la..zoo tepeng la..bukit merah la...seminggu mana cukup weh...

  7. alaa...seminggu ada 7ari. 25hb kenduri. ari lain buleh la selit2.
    hampa cuti ka?

  8. i cuti 25 & 26, acik hang? idak plak ku tahu...rasanya dia akan amik cuti jugak kot

  9. huh? 25 & 26 ja? Dah tu... camna nak p bukit merah segala?

  10. masa ada 24 jam maa....just antara larat atau idak ja la..

    kita pi zoo tepeng la...dah janji ngan iman ni

  11. Iman kata..nak pi zoo tepeng ngan adam ja...mama/papa maklang xyah pi...dia pi ngan adam ja.

    cewahhh bukan main!

  12. ewah ewah...
    mcm la dia reti sgt nak p sendiri!

  13. abah ada bagi satu baju..baju bear..tapi iman xmuat...nampak gaya kena bagi kat adam

    baju tu cute sgt. gebus...mak adam kan suka teddy bear...

    "makngah adam"

  14. hey isabelle , im just a complete stranger that found you're blog thru an acquaintance of mine named betty yone , and I found you're blog very interesting ..

    If you don't mind me commenting about this post , I totally can relate to this post , the whole toys , food thinggys except the animal shaped biscuit , though I , myself was born in 1990..Kids these days , are always on the internet ,mobile phone , high end tech toys like the over priced racing cars , mini kiddie toy lap top ,those robo cats , tamaguchi lah .. I feel kids nowadays are so 'canggih' (4got the english word).

    Imagine a standard 3 girl , keep on sms-ing her friends , and playing the habbo game online , for a moment , I felt like jaw dropped and wondering , whether I'm the one who is left behind during my time , or kids nowadays are so canggih.


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