Wednesday, December 17, 2008


That day, on our way back to Endau for Aidiladha, we stopped at Pilah to buy some lemangs. And I snapped a photo of this catchy banner...

Know why?
Let's have a look at another one.

If there were no Roman writing, will u be able to read the name of the place? If u say Yes, then u gotta be 'lacking somewhere' too.
How could u, if I don't even know what Arabic/Jawi letter is that after the Alif. It's not jim, not ha, not kho, and not cha.

p/s: Mati la kena kutuk dgn org Kampung Semanyiaq balik japgi :P

Not bcoz I was a cikgu before that I am concern of the spelling. Okay... u may excuse the banner, maybe it was just a small business (which is not even an enterprise), but what about the signboard for the village? Shouldn't it be clearly and correctly spelt, just like roadsigns?

* Ohh..itu saya tau, cikgu. Yang ini saya kenal ni. Ini huruf M.
** Itu la Pak Abu, lain kali jangan suka ketawakan org. Yang ini bukan huruf M. Ini huruf Kho!


  1. hahahaha..

    ija, hampa balik nanti kita pi try "alone recipe"

    satu lagi yg kita dok gelak dulu time raya - lemang leman lemak...lemaknya lemang leman...or leman lemang lemak...

    hahaha..gelak sampai guling2


  2. hahaha. betoi tu. blk ni ija nak kena capture gmbr ALONE RESCIPE. kwa kwa kwaaa...

  3. isabelle, there's plenty like that. We used to get snapshots everytime we go home. La ni tak larat dah. Banyak sangat.

  4. a'ah ye, kak teh. berlambak sgt signage kat mesia ni yg eja x betul.

    bila saya membebel, husband ckp... "alaa..tukang buat signboard tu pun entah belajar smpi darjah berapa je. mana dia tau nak tolong betulkan. lgpun, dia peduli apa. dia tetap dpt duit"



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