Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The smiling moon

Hey, guys! Did u see the moon last nite?

It was kinda 'smiling at u'... Nice, meh?

My beloved MakNgah called, I thought she just wanted to say a few words b4 departing to Bahrain & London this morning... whereas actually, she just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss it. So, I rushed outside and had a few snaps of the 'sweet' phenomenon. (Well, at least I think it is).

Hmm... few nites ago, to celebrate our anniversary, we just had a small cake. I purposely bought this creamy cheese cup, as it was the same thing I put for my hantaran 2 years ago.

So, apart from expressing our feelings and hopes for each other while the candles were burning shorter, we also had our sweetie pie to witness it. Just wanna expose him to the practice of appreciating the dear ones, even with just a small cake :P

And to the man I married,
Thank you for being such a fantastic partner.
Despite the lacks that U & I have,
We complement each other in so many ways
completing the missing pieces
thus giving a perfect blend.

For that, I love u beary much.
Happy anniversary!


  1. happy aniberseri2...

    i love u too my dear

    balik nnt boleh bukak hadiah baru ye... hope u like it. muahh2...

  2. hoyeh..hoyeh... (cucuk bintang)

    sorok2 tunjuk ibu jari. hihihi

  3. Adam sgt chumek=l dgn aksi mcm tu...sgt2 chumel...



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