Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keeping books nicely

Last week, Mr Hubby bought a book for me. A book by an author I really admire. She writes like Kak Teh. That's why I like it. And when reading it, it inspires me to write my blog.

I believe, he decided to buy me the book after several times seeing me flipping the book everytime we go to MPH :P And mind u, it's very extraordinary to see me so keen on reading books despite being an academician!

Mr Hubby wrote on one of the pages... "This book shows my support on your blog. May one day U become as excellent as the author is."

After a few days of snuggling with the book, whenever I am not very busy, this morning, I complained to Mr. Hubby about the little smudge on the edge of the book.

I have no idea where did it come from, but I just don't like it, esp. when it is on my fav book!

Hubby : It's ok. It shows that u READ it.
Me : But I don't like the comot-comot. Not nice! (*pulling face*)
Hubby: If a book is so lawa, it means that the book is untouched, not read.
Me : *grin*

And my thought flew to my red Add Maths exercise book when I was in Form 5. I could easily remember the author's name -Khoo Cheng, as it sounds like Kucing (the cat). Hehehe.
Anyway, the book was so clean, barely seen with scribbles... If any, it'd be in pencils. That's how good I was at keeping my books. Actually, it means how bad I was at manipulating the book for my own good.

One day, I was surprised to find a note slipped in the book that says "Thank u for lending me the book."

It must be from a putera (a male student that is) who must have occupied my desk during prep hours. You see, I didn't even realize that the book went missing from my desk! Hahaha. So bad!

No wonder I didn't get an A for Add Maths in SPM! :P


  1. buku tak pernah berbohong, contohnya kalau dia tulis UMNO adalah parti orang melayu, maka esok, lusa dan bila2 pun buku tu tetap akan sama. cuma kalau ada sesiapa yang padam atau conteng tulis UMNO adalah parti perosak org melayau, itu lain la... hahahaha..... cuma buku mungkin terkandung isi yang baik atau buruk, kadang2 isi yang baik pun tapi pembacanye salah tafsiran maka buruk juga la hasilnya (maksuk hasil, pembaca tu la) begitu juga sebalinya.

    orang genius mungkin ada yang malas baca buku, tapi org bijaksana teman baiknya adalah buku...

    seagung2 buku adalah Al-Quran,tapi tak semua org rajin bacanya dan paham apa isinya... so pilihan altenatif adalah membaca sebanyak mana penulisan yang ada dalam dunia ni.x kira la ilmiah ke atau tidak... semua penulisan ada pelajaran, macam yg saya cakap tadi berbeza pahaman pembaca berbeza ilmu yang dia dapatnya... kdg2 xde ilmu langsung...

    to my dear,
    berapa banyak buku pun abag sanggup hadiahkan, asalkan sayang dapat belajar intipatinya... selamat membaca dan selamat beramal

  2. Salam, thanks for the visit to my blog. I am still trying to get over the fact that you compared me to Kak Adib. I was there at the launch of the book as I was asked to say a few words during the launch. We were in the same office at the NST and she is one lady I truly admire. Before she left she said that I should write my book. Insyaallah.

    Abt smudges on books...curators and people who study old books do look for smudges as that's one indication whether the book is well read or not. Qurans, old manuscripts - kalau tak ada, that means the text had not been studied or rarely touched. When I studied an old syair from early 19th century, I was happy to see that it was still in pristine condition.
    Anyway, have fun with the book!
    If you see Growing Up in Trengganu - that's my husband's book.

  3. Wahhh...Kak Teh tinggal komen kat blog saya la.... Fuiyooo!!! (rubbing eyes in disbelief).

    Hehehe. I agree la, kak Teh. U really should produce ur own book. I'll definitely be one of the million readers.

    I sure will try to find your husband's book. Hope it's as interesting as ur writing is! ;)


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